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Meet Me in Istanbul

It has always been my dream to set my feet in Istanbul. The city breathes with history from the Byzantium, Constantinople, and Ottoman to the modern Republic of Turkey. I remember reading a novel ’Meet me in Istanbul’ by Richard Chisholm when I was 10. Since then I dreamt that one day I would see Istanbul and all its glorious past with my own eyes. The day finally came. Hani and I decided to have our second honeymoon in Istanbul. We had a great 4 days in this magnificent city enjoying its sights, food, shop, and immerse ourselves in their culture.

26 Aug 2009
The location of the city cannot be more strategic, straddling across Asia and Europe, built around the Bosporus connecting Marmara Sea and the Black Sea. I would say I fell in love with Istanbul at first sight. The taxi ride from the Ataturk Airport to our hotel at Sirkeci was like riding a time machine. In a short distance we were taken from a modern glittering city to a charming old town with maze of cobbled streets teeming with l…