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Finger Licking Good, By Cinta Amani

Fingers are so addictive, I cant get enough of them. Unlike my big brother Zach, I prefer fingers than soothers.

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RAK Half Marathon 2012

I was in Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE  last weekend to participate in the RAK Half Marathon 2012. It is one of the most prestigious Half Marathon events in the world by being one of the 12 half marathon races with IAAF Gold Label.
This was my second ever half marathon after the disasterous 1st half marathon at PBIM. This time I came with a little bit more trainings, and it really helps. I can actually finish the 21.1km without a feeling like my knees would fall out of their patellas. My pace was still very very slow (I was about 8 km behind most seasoned runners) but the fact that my legs held on to their places for the whole duration of the race was something that I am grateful for. I had shin splints at kilometre 6 but it went away very quickly. 
My only problem was stamina. I felt like I had consumed all my energy upon completing 10 kilometers. My original plan was to complete the race in 2hour 30 Min., and I was still within the target at KM 10. But it getting harder after that. I walked for…

I Love Apipin (Aeroplane) by Zachary Andika

I love apipin (aeroplane). Last Thursday I flew Emirates airlines for the first time with Papa, Mama and Baby Cinta to Dubai. Usually will be sitting on Mamas', Papas' or Makyam's lap, but this time it was special. I had a seat all for myself. I feel like a big boy already. Mama said I was such a good boy and Papa rated my behaviour throughout the flight A+. I was a little nervous during the take off so I held the arm rest tightly, and Papa was holding me from across the seat. But all the nervousness gone after the plane reached its cruising altitude. I love the seat. Its economy but to me it feels rather like sitting in business. I kept myself occupied by reading the in flight magazines and watching Happy Feet 2 from the In flight Entertainment unit. But if you ask me what I like the most about flying with Emirates, the straight answer would be their in flight meal. They provided us with cake, croissant, fruits, yogurt, juices and milk for the short flight from Doha, not …

Yaum Al-Riyadhi Ad-Dawlah (Qatar National Sports Day)

Do you know that 14 of February 2012 was a public holiday in Qatar? No its not because this state celebrates Valentines Day as one of its national holidays but the Qatar government has gazetted every 2nd Tuesday of February as the National Sports Day starting from this year. There was plenty of sporting and recreational activities going on that day around the state. The Doha based Qatargas employees had their chance to burn those extra calories at Al-Gharafa Sports Club.

The day started with a 2km walkathon around the field before other events took place. We also had a designated play area for kids. Zachary was at first reluctant to play in the bouncing castles, but then cannot get enough of it once he knew how fun it is to jump up and down and get thrown over in the inflatable castles.

It was a great day out especially when we had free flow of snacks and drinks and offcourse free t-shirts for the whole family. Bukan sebab nak bersukan sangat pun. Thank you Qatargas.

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10KM @ Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2012

I have set my goal to run a full marathon this year. Completing the 42KM marathon is near impossible but definitely doable with trainings and determination. So as a first step, I took part in the 10KM road race during the last Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2012.

I was excited knowing that I came to Dubai with a little bit of training and confident that I can better my Personal Best time of 1 hr 09 Min. I spent the day before the race at Downtown Dubai, collecting race kit at Palace Hotel and some shopping at Dubai Mall. I planned to retire the night early so I can wake up fresh and energetic tomorrow. I guess someone learned something from the last PBIM 2011.I placed a wake up call request at 5 am and ready to bed. Oh yes I need to sort my gear first, so I will be ready to go tomorrow. As I was going through the race kit and arranging my running gear, something unthinkable happened. I realised that I left my running shoe in Doha. It was 12.15 am. I was panicked. All shopping centr…