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Rasen Sports Individual Time Trial #1

25 November 2016

It was my first ITT of the season. My cycling fitness is no doubt improving but I am still sluggish to even compete for podium in my category (Men C category) which is the slowest category in Qatar Chain Reaction racing handicap ranking.

The ITT took place around Lusail Sports Arena on a two laps of 11.5km course. My target was to maintain around 160watt which is marginally higher than my current FTP of 156watt for the whole 23km ride. It was quite windy and I was struggling to put on a consistent effort. I only managed 39:27.7 for an average of 158W for 34.8kmh speed. I believe my biggest mistake of the day was I started the race without a proper warm up. I only did a short 5km warm up which was not nearly enough.

In the end I was still happy to finish the race in 5th position in Men C category, 2:41 behind the category winner.

Results HERE

Distance: 22.9km
Time: 39:27.7
Rank Category: 5 of 36
Rank Overall: 58 of 113

Hips dont lie

It's all in the hips. I recognize that all my running related injuries came from as a result of my weak hips.

Here are some exercise to strengthen the hips

Stretch excercices for runners

I have not been running very often nowadays. Last night I ran 18km (the longest in 3 months) I had this pain at the top of my inner thigh. It's likely a groin pull after I forced the adductor muscles to work hard after slacking for a long time and my bad running form off course. Its time for hamstring pull and groin stretch. Hope the pain will go away as I have a 10k race in a 50km relay team in a week time.

Here are some useful stretches for runners I found