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Happy 28th Birthday Mama Zachary

21 /6/2010
Tahun ni Hani terpaksa menyambut ulang tahun kelahirannya sewaktu dalam pantang. Kasihan pulak. Tentu dia teringat tahun lepas birthdaynya disambut sampai 3 kali. Bermula dengan candle light dinner di Sharq Village, hanya kami berdua, diikuti dengan sambutan meriah beramai-ramai yang dikelolakan oleh Dilla dan Diba, dan sambutan oleh kawan-kawan KBT.
Jadi tahun ini, untuk menceriakannya, aku merancang secara sulit dengan dilla dan kawan kawan untuk buat surprise pada malam hari lahir hani. Aku dan mama berlakon seolah-olah tak ada apa-apa berlaku, dan seolah-olah kami tidak mengingati hari lahirnya.
Sedang Hani khusyuk memilih pemain bola sepak dalam permainan fantasy football di laptopnya, tiba2 kami dikejutkan dengan dentuman party poppers melalui tingkap. Hani terperanjat sehingga laptop yang diribanya jatuh ke lantai. Nasib baik tak bersepai, kalau tak pokai pakcik. Kawan-kawan yang sememangnya sudah berada di luar rumah beramai-ramai masuk melalui pintu utama dengan kek s…

Happy Father's Day to Me

I will get to celebrate Father's Day for the first time this year. So last night when I changed Zach's nappy, I asked him, "Zach don't you want to wish your old man a happy Father's Day?". He was whimpering and I thought maybe he understood me. I was imagining at that time he was trying to say how lucky he was to have a father like me before suddenly he opens fire. He peed straight to me, lucky it did't get into my mouth.

That was not the only gift I got. He did not passed motion for the last four days and I was worried. He usually did number two twice a day. He finally did last night. So this morning, I was nealy fainted when I clean him before bath. Like opening a present, you are eager to find what's in the package. His nappy was so full, that every tiny inch of the newborn nappy was filled with the 4 days of excrement accumulated and fermented nicely. The smell was so unbearable I had to run and rub tiger balm to my nose before continue my fatherly…

Naming Zachary

We already decided to name our baby Widad Arjuna since we found out that we are having a son. I am responsible for the Arjuna part, because I always wanted classic malay names for my children. So I already have Arjuna, Andika and Satria for boys (means warrior) and Cinta, Kasih, Sayang for girls (mean love, affection, fondness). We have been calling the baby Widad through out the pregnancy until the very last minute, when an arab doctor who did the last ultrasound said that we cannot name him Widad. Apparently Widad is for girls.
We were a bit frustrated, as we really like the name and its meaning (ambition / emotion) plus Arjuna (white / silvery) really sound like a good name. But we also cannot risk other kinds making fun of him for having a girl's name. So we have to look up the baby names guide books again, but still cannot reach the agreement between us until a day before our baby was born (the day Hani was admitted to the hospital).
So what we did was really funny, we vote. W…