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Robbie Williams | Love My Life

"Love My Life"
Tether your soul to me 
I will never let go completely. 
One day your hands will be
Strong enough to hold me. 

I might not be there for all your battles,
But you'll win them eventually. 
I pray that I'm giving you all that matters,
So one day you'll say to me,

"I love my life.
I am powerful, I am beautiful, I am free.
I love my life. 
I am wonderful, I am magical, I am me.
I love my life."

I am not my mistakes,
And God knows, I've made a few. 
I started to question the angels,
And the answer they gave was you. 

I cannot promise there won't be sadness.
I wish I could take it from you. 
But you'll find the courage to face the madness,
And sing it because it's true. 

I love my life.
I am powerful, I am beautiful, I am free.
I love my life. 
I am wonderful, I am magical, I am me.
I love my life.

Find the others with hearts like yours. 
Run far, run free. I'm with you. 

I love my life.
I am powerful, I am beautiful, I am free.
I love my life.
I am wonder…

Road to Ironman Malaysia 2017

Barely two weeks after Challenge Roth, I found myself registering for another 140.6. Ironman Malaysia in Langkawi on 11 November 2017. I must have a severe addiction to Ironman pain.

Challenge Roth 2017 Race Report


I went to Roth with an objective to have a new Personal Best in full distance triathlon. I will be happy with anything better than 14:22:58. This was what I told everyone, but secretly I was hoping for a sub 12 hour finish. I knew it was a tall order with only 8 weeks of training and missing a lot of sessions in the last 4 weeks during the month of Ramadan. The training during summer in Qatar and during Ramadan was really hard, almost impossible. Luckily I had a great support from my wife. She joined me in some of the long runs and long rides and she even bought me a Wahoo Kickr bike trainer so I could train at home (I promise I'll pay her back later). I also had a great support from MAD Triathlon, PSY Tribuddies and Project Banana cyclists which certainly make it a little bit easier. Thank you so much guys. You know who you are and I cannot thank you guys enough.


6 July 2017

I took the train from Munich airport to Nuremberg Central with a change at Munich Central. It…

Dukhan Watersport Triathlon Series 2017 Race 3 (Sprint)

12 May 2017

Dukhan triathlon is always popular and the one that can't be missed by any triathletes in Qatar. The venue is amazing and always well organised. I was so looking forward for this race because it will be my first race with my new club MAD Triathlon. The race 3 of the series was originally scheduled in March. However it had to be postponed due to the crazy weather to May. It was very windy and the organiser did not want to take any risk on the health and safety of the participants which is fair to me. The problem now is the heat in May.


I have worked on my swim quite a bit with coach Isora for several months now and I am starting to see some improvements. Being the last race of the season, there were about 200 athletes lining up the beach at the start of the swim. Big for an event in Qatar. I positioned myself on the second row straight opposite the buoy. It was a normal chaos at the start but I somehow did not panic which is new. I saw my MAD Triathlon's buddy, …

Doha Triathlon 2017

20 January 2017

This was hands down my favourite Olympic distance triathlon so far. Not only because I did my PB (unintentionally), but mostly because it was a local event where I had my family and friends involved either competing or spectating.

I wasn't planning to race in this event considering it was announced very late and I was about to start training for a marathon in April, but since this was a local race, I was obliged to participate and lend my support. I even managed to convinced Malaysia's national triathlete, Riki Shinozuka and Bahrain's Abdulla Attiya to come and join the pro athletes which include Olivier Goddart and Olympian Lawrence Faynous in this inaugural race.

The swim took place in the sheltered Museum of Islamic Art bay while the bike course was along the beautiful Doha Corniche before finishing with the run in the lush MIA park. There is only one word to describe this race course 'fabulous'. The best Doha could offer.

I have not been traini…


Here are the top Malaysian finishers in Ironman Malaysia 2016. Mohd Amran reclaimed his title from 2014 after DNF in 2015. Great job everyone.

IRONMAN MALAYSIA 2016 (TOP MALAYSIAN MALE)RANKNAMEAGTIME1Mohd Amran A. GhaniM35-3910:09:042Rupert ChenM30-3410:31:293Mohamad Allie Helmi SabtuM35-3910:56:314Muhamad Rafik A. RaofM25-2911:38:195Benjamin ChewM30-3411:48:336Choo Wooi SingM35-3911:49:107Kevin SiahM30-3411:52:538Lim Chee YongM18-2411:57:18