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Papa I want my milk..

There is one routine about Zachary that I cannot fathom. He will usually wakes up twice at night for milk. Once around 2 am and another around 6. Well as I try to be a Bapa Mithali (exemplary father), I assume the role of fixing his formula and place all his bottles, formula, hot water on my side of the bed. He will wake me up by gently (sometime hard) rocking, slapping and touching my face or hand or chest and speak to me in Dunstan baby Langguage ‘neh,neh,neh,eh’ which I can translate to mean ‘Papa I am thirsty, can you fix my milk?’ Oh he also adds Pleaseeee at the end. As a Bapa Mithali, I will dutifully wake up and fix his milk while often struggling to fight drowsiness. Once I have his milk in my hand and ready to feed him.. he will crawl across the bed and wake his mother.. most of the time crying and wailing like he sees a momok (ghost) well I do look like one sometime I guess. What I do not understand is he can wake me up to fix his milk but he does not want me to feed him? H…

Tabib Cina .. (Bagi yang berusaha untuk mendapatkan zuriat)

It is a dream for every married couple to have children of their own. The joy of holding your own child is priceless. I know it. The moment when your child is born could may well be the most beautiful moment in your life, and I pray that every couple would have that experience. But sometime one is more difficult than others. Often, it will lead to stress and pressure to the couple (especially if your 'kepoh' relative cannot stop asking 'dah ada isi ke?')  and in some cases it will lead to GOD forbid 'keretakan rumah tangga' and the husband will use it as a reason to marry another.

So.. I think it is my civic duty to share with you this info, because I know some people may be shy to ask.

I know this one 'Tabib Cina' in Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, Johor Bahru who might be able to help if you have been trying for years to conceive but 'belum ada rezeki'. 25 years ago, my aunty went to see this tabib after 3 years of trying. The tabib said 'awak boleh…

I am pregnant too.. no kidding

I bet you must have heard that a husband may experience the same symptoms of pregnancy as his wife. Or sometimes the wife does not even suffer a bit of the dreadful sickness that associated with the baby making process, but the husband is.  I heard about it a lot. It happen to my uncle where he was the one who had all the cravings, nausea, morning sickness, you name it, while its business as usual for my aunt. It happen not once but during the pregnancies for all four of their children. I did not believe it at first, I thought this is another kepercayaan karut orang melayu, until it happen to me.

Yes this is weird. I did not feel anything during Hani's first pregnancy but this time around, I was experiencing nauseas, headaches and tiredness especially during the early stages. I do not mind all that but there is one symptom that I could not take... weight gain. I have gained 7 kg during Hani's first trimester, and have a same belly of those expectant mothers. This is unbelievabl…

Happy 1st Birthday Zach

26 May 2011

Zachary Andika, you came into my life on this date last year at 1.55pm. That was the most beautiful moment in my life. Before you came, and before my union with your mama, my world is just one big empty space. Then I got married to a beautiful, wonderful woman (that's your mama offcourse) and a year after that you came. A year has gone, and you have given me the best and happiest one year so far.

I remember how dreadful it was to be away from you and your mama. And I know you feel the same. You were crying when I kissed you good bye when I went back to Doha alone and you and your mama spent the whole Ramadan in Malaysia last year. You cried and cried, and to put you to sleep that night, your mama had to cover you with the shirt that I wore earlier that day. You were only 2 months old then but you can sense the separation. It kills me to be away from you and GOD knows I would not leave you and your mama if I had a choice.  

I am gratefull to ALLAH to be blessed with y…

Masters oooo masters Part 2

Alhamdullilah setelah 5 tahun berhempas pulas (dan could not care less) akhirnya aku berjaya juga menamatkan pengajian Msc. Construction Contracts Management aku di UTM pada 14 May 2011. Aku pulang ke Malaysia selama 2 hari semata-mata untuk menghadiri viva-voce masters tersebut di UTM KL. Walaupun agak kurang bersedia dan aku rasa presentation viva yang aku berikan sewaktu Bachelor degree dulu adalah jauh lebih baik, thesis aku diterima universiti dengan sedikit pembetulan.

Terima kasih pada sahabat baikku Md Asrul Nasid (yang bakal bergelar Dr tak lama lagi) kerana bersunguh-sungguh memaksa aku untuk menamatkan pengajian masters tersebut dan bertindak sebagai tutor peribadi. Pada awalnya kami sama-sama mendaftar program tersebut di UTM JB pada tahun 2005, tetapi aku terpaksa menarik diri kerana kelas bagi pelajar separuh masa haya diadakan di KL pda hari sabtu dan ahad, sedangkan aku berkerja pada hari sabtu ketika itu. Aku mendaftar semula pada tahun 2006 setelah bertukar kerja di K…