Papa I want my milk..

There is one routine about Zachary that I cannot fathom. He will usually wakes up twice at night for milk. Once around 2 am and another around 6. Well as I try to be a Bapa Mithali (exemplary father), I assume the role of fixing his formula and place all his bottles, formula, hot water on my side of the bed. He will wake me up by gently (sometime hard) rocking, slapping and touching my face or hand or chest and speak to me in Dunstan baby Langguage ‘neh,neh,neh,eh’ which I can translate to mean ‘Papa I am thirsty, can you fix my milk?’ Oh he also adds Pleaseeee at the end. As a Bapa Mithali, I will dutifully wake up and fix his milk while often struggling to fight drowsiness. Once I have his milk in my hand and ready to feed him.. he will crawl across the bed and wake his mother.. most of the time crying and wailing like he sees a momok (ghost) well I do look like one sometime I guess. What I do not understand is he can wake me up to fix his milk but he does not want me to feed him? Helloo.. 


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