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Choose health NOW

I went for a free medical check up organised by our office in conjunction with the Healthy Heart Campaign today. I thought I was fit and far from the risk of contracting heart disease, but I was wrong. I was categorised in the ''Average" group (there are 2 groups below me). The reasons:

1. I have family history of heart desease (which I cannot do anything about)
2. Smoker
3. Not excercise regularly
4. High cholesterol (WHAT?)

So I was told by the medical officer to quit smoking, eat healthy food and walk 30 minutes EVERYDAY. Its a tall order, but I dont have any other choice. I want to be around to provide all necessary support and see my son (and hopefully a couple more children) grows and hopefully become a successful person/s. My dad passed away because of heart disease when I was 10 at a young age of 43. I dont want my children to experience the same.