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Edinburgh Marathon 2014

25 May 2014

I registered for Edinburgh Marathon while I was sulking for not getting into the London Marathon through international ballot yet again. The race was promoted as the UK's flattest and fastest, since I have never been to Scotland, I took it as a travel opportunity while hoping for a PB race.

Edinburgh is a beautiful city, probably one of the prettiest I have been so far. I really enjoyed the sightseeing, museums, culture, history and the hospitality of its citizen. So one of the objectives checked. Now for the main objective. I woke to a heavy torrential rain. I was already drenched and cold by the time I lined up in the assigned corral. It was windy too.

The race started from London road in the centre of Edinburgh and heading down towards the forth. It was all downhill until we reach the coastal road along Forth of Firth. The course then turned undulating the whole way. I got carried away running downhill this early in the race and ran faster than my target pace. At that…

New York 2014: D -168 New York Im coming

I have secured the ballot to run in the New York City Marathon in 2012 but have deferred it twice, but this time it is for real, New York Im coming. My upcoming trip to New York will be sponsored by my employer, Oryx GTL.

I just signed the sponsorship agreement yesterday and already bought the flight ticket to New York JFK. I am so thankful for this opportunity and will do my best to inspire and promote a healthy lifestyle to my collegues.