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TCS New York City Marathon 2014

2 November 2014

New York, the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, so they say.

I was accepted and supposed to run the New York Marathon in 2012 as my first marathon (Read past entry Here). However fate got in a way and my plan has been postponed twice. I cannot postpone it anymore or I will lose my place in the ballot. I was lucky this year that my employer is willing to sponsor my trip to participate in the world's largest marathon in ORYX GTL's shirt.
I was not actually 100% race ready for New York Marathon because my trainings were customized to prepare me for both the marathon and my first half ironman distance triathlon, Challenge Bahrain next month. I did not have enough running mileage coming into this race as I have to spend the bulk of my trainings for cycling and swimming, the two disciplines that are new to me. Having said that, a sub 3:45 should be a reasonable target. I was actually hoping to break the 3:30 barrier or at least go for a personal best. I have b…

FiT-Q Duathlon Summer Series 2015

I had an opportunity to participate in three duathlon races this summer. The races were part of the summer series organized by the Filipino International Triathlete Qatar (FiT-Q). Other than providing us with some motivation to keep on active during the summer months, it also provides the big contingent from FiT-Q to Ironman70.3 race in Cebu with race pace simulation trainings.

Few friends from PelariStyloYo and my wife were also took part in the races and thoroughly enjoyed it. The organization was outstanding and the support received from the participants and volunteers was amazing considering the scorching heat at this time of the year.

Being a weak swimmer, I can say I was totally hooked up with the Run-Bike-Run format of duathlon. Well the bike portion was harder in duathlon as the run was harder than a swim in a triathlon, but at least it works to my advantage. Maybe I should look into participating in a Powerman race in 2016 as part of my preparation for Ironman race at the end…