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Dad to be

Hani was constantly nauseated and tired since we got back from our Eid holidays. I suspected that she’s pregnant but she was scared or maybe too nervous to try the home pregnancy test kit. We had a couple of false alarms before. It would frustrate her if it turns out negative. Suddenly I received an SMS from her saying ‘mom to be’. I called her and she did the test at work. I was overjoyed. I broke the news to some of my work colleagues and decided to come home early.
I took Hani to Al-Ahli hospital for test and consultation, but the only available slot was in 10 days. We can’t wait that long. So we went to Gulf Laboratory and she had a blood test. We had dinner while waiting for the result. We went to Thai Snack as Hani suddenly had a crave for tom yum. But she threw it all up when we finish eating.
We went back to the laboratory and the result came positive. We were elated. I shook hand with the doc. Hani was 6 weeks pregnant. So all this time during Eid she was already pregnant, but …