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Love thy neighbours

I am sharing a common entrance with people from unit 6A and 6C. 6A is the biggest apartment, located on the ground floor, while 6B (where I live) and 6C sharing the space on the top floor. I have never really spoken to any of my neighbours since I moved here 3 weeks ago. Not because I'm being aloof but really because we locked ourselves in our units and mind our own business after a long day at work.

My neighbour in 6C is Sergei. He is from Romania. That is how much I know about him. We bump into each other a couple of time and exchange hellos.

Apartment 6A was still vacant when I moved here. At first I wanted to rent the place, but I thought QAR 10500/month for a one bedroom apartment is a little too much. So I settled at the unit on the top floor, half the size for QAR 8500/month. Last week I noticed someone has moved in. I wonder who is he (most probably he than she here in Qatar, no family will settle in a one bedroom anyway, and single independent girls are a rare commodity her…

Desert Safari.. tranquility in a desert

Last Friday I went to a desert safari trip organised by the business group at work. At first, I was indecisive whether or not to go. Looking at the list of the invitees, I know they are a boring lot not a fun crazy wild kind of people. But I was glad I said yes to join this trip. The journey to the Inland Sea in a four wheel drive vehicle was an exhilarating experience. Our driver did a lot of dare devil acts driving ups and downs the dunes. It was comparable to a 2 hours ride on a roller coaster. Certainly not for a faint hearted. At times he drove right on the edge of the dunes ridge. I can imagine how horrible it is should mishap happen.
I have never thought a desert could be so picturesque. Its tranquility goes as far as the horizon. The landscape was full of crescent shaped dunes. Some as high as 50 meters. The Inland Sea (Khor Al-Adaid) was breathtaking. The view was simply stunning. We can see Saudi Arabia across the sea. Inland sea is a tidal lake that also serve as a natural b…

Finding ground

I have been in Doha for two weeks now. Work has become more manageable as I get myself more femiliar with the systems and procedures of the company. I was more visible at work now and people started talking to me. It was a good change from being invisible in my first week. I was also given advice and coaching from my contracts advisor. But it is still as stressfull.

I have now moved to a new place at Bin Omran. This place feels more homey than the massive apartment at Ezdan. Its smaller (and off course alot cheaper) and more manageable. Its fully furnished, but to transfer a house into a home, I did some personalisation job to it. I spent almost QAR 800 for towels, pillows and other soft furnishing from Home Centre. They have some nice stuffs there at Home Centre but most of them are very ornamented and gaudy. Surely not my taste.

Thanks Rizal for volunteered to provide the free delivery Living Room Bedroom


I have make few new friends this weekend. Rizal, invited me t…

Sharq Village Doha, Qatar

I spent an evening at Sharq Villagewith Asfaezi. Had tea and stayed for dinner. This place is really beautiful with the beach overlooking Doha port and the city as a backdrop. This hotel has many restaurants, Cafes and even the luxurios Six Senses Spa. The swimming pool in the middle of the square is an attraction of itself. I wish to bring my mom and Hani here one day.
More Pics of Sharq Village & Spa here

1st week anniversary in Doha

Time flies so fast that I just realised that I am already here for a week now. Breathing in its dusty air, shower in its hot 'cold' water and being so remote from all the familiar faces in my life. Adaptability is the key to survive and enjoy this place. I accepted it as it is and savour the beauty behind its barren land, never ending constructionsites and its cloudless skies.
I work for RasGas, a major LNG producer in Qatar. It owns and operates one of the largest LNG plants in the world at Ras Laffan. There are currently 5 trains in operation. They are currently building another 2 trains in RGX2 Expansion project. I am working with the Special Projects team of the expansion project. Indolent is not a choice. Everything is urgent here. Time really is an essence. You cannot give an excuse that you are new and need time to grasp the whole new system. You have to jump into the bandwagon right away. I for example was called into a project meeting the very moment I reported for…