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The Disease

'You are a procrastinator.. go ask your PDL trainer what procrastinating means' . That was exactly what Datuk Ayob, my bos when I was working with TETO Engineering said to me back in 1998. I was fresh from college that time. The company sent everybody for a week live in training cum motivational course called PDL (Professional Development and Leadership). There we learnt a lot about how to become successful in life. We were expected to be overhauled after the course, and back at work with new attitude. A month after the course, I was back to my old habit or attitude to be exact. Now 10 years has passed. I supposed I am more mature and wise, but one thing I cannot change, PROCRASTINATE. I wonder if there is any cure to this disease. I believe it has been infested humankind since we came out of Africa.

I want to make it my 2008 resolution. To eradicate that habit. I came to realised this last friday when I asked one of my friends for a round of pool, at the Petroleum Lounge. She …