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2012 was awesome, Bring on 2013

Thank you ALLAH for yet another great year. 2012 has been awesome. I have been blessed with many happiness especially with the birth of our third child, Elias Arjuna. However, I cannot say that I have achieved of my 2012 targets. So I will take the same resolution into 2013 and carry on from there.

With the 2012 drawing to an end let see how my 'Performance' against my 2012 resolutions:
1. A better Muslim InshaALLAH > I tried to be and Alhamdullilah ALLAH has made it easier for me to get closer to HIM. I am nowhere near 'good' yet but this is one aspect of my life that I hope to improve continuously InshaALLAH. I also hope to perform the Haj in 2013 Amin.

2. Cleared bad debts and enjoy financial freedom > Not 100% but cleared a big chunk of it.

3. Achieved pre-wedding weight and maintains a healthy lifestyle > Accomplished, current weight is 54kg and I have since taken up running seriously and completed my first marathon. I'm hoping to complete 3 full maratho…

La Turin Marathon Certifica

Still having Turin Marathon hangover. I just received the official certificate from the organiser. Sweet huh? You can read my race report HERE.

The IAAF Road Race GOLD Label logo tu yang mahal tu. World Marathon Majors next.

These boots are made for walking

My little girl has becoming obsessed with shoes lately. Future fashionista to ravel her mama I reckon
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Jaguh Kampung

Aku memang sudah lama meminati sukan olahraga terutama acara larian semenjak dari kecil lagi. Permainan kegemaranku waktu kecil semuanya melibatkan larian seperti kejar-kejar, police sentry, baling selipar dsb.  Orang yang menjadi inspirasi aku ketika itu adalah bekas atlet kebangsaan acara 400m, Nordin Jadi. Beliau sekampung dengan aku dan keluarga kami agak rapat. Walaupun aku tidak mengenali beliau secara peribadi, tetapi aku merasa cukup mengenalinya melalui cerita Makcik dan Mak Langku. Dan aku juga berkawan baik dengan anak saudara beliau, Kak Kamariah dan Bahariah. Orang kampung mengenali beliau dengan nama Sahak. Aku selalu berangan ingin mewakili Malaysia ke Sukan SEA, Sukan Asia, dan Olimpik seperti Nordin. Nordin juga adalah bekas pelajar sekolah rendah dan sekolah menengah yang sama denganku, Sekolah Kebangsaan Paya Mas dan Sekolah Menengah Tun Mamat (SMTM) Tangkak. Aku percaya rekod-rekod catatan masa beliau masih lagi kekal sehingga ke hari ini.

Tidak seperti Nordin yang …

Tiru Macam Saya

This is by no means to show off. I just want to share with you how I managed to shave 12kg in 10 months. I did not take any slimming pills, nor did I starve myself. I just run and run with additional strength training. The way to do it is by signing up for a race, and follow a training programme. It will keep you motivated. Like me, I lost most of my weight when I trained for Gold Coast Half Marathon. If I can you can too. Get out there and hit the road.

Elias Arjuna 3 months

Elias Arjuna 3 Months 3 Weeks 

My Racing Calendar


8/01/2016  Ooredoo Marathon, Doha, Qatar

29/01/2016  Ironman70.3 Dubai, UAE

12/02/2016  RAK Half Marathon, UAE

5/03/2016  ITU WTS Abu Dhabi, UAE

10/04/2016  Ironman African Championship, South Africa

21/08/2016  Ironman Copenhagen, Denmark

12/2016  Ironman70.3 Middle East Championship, Bahrain

Dubai Creek Striders Half Marathon 2012

At first I was not very keen on doing the Dubai Creek Striders Half Marathon as I was not supposed to race for at least a month after my marathon, plus I am still sick. But since almost everybody in my running club will be taking part, and it will be on my birthday, so I guess what the heck. This will be my last race for 2012. The only problem was, I don’t have any more leave. So I can only leave for Dubai after work. By then it will be already late. We only arrived at the hotel 15 minutes to 11pm on the race night. Thanks Anna and Karl for collecting our race kits. It was very challenging for a couple travelling with 3 little kids (all under the age of 3) without a help. Luckily we went with our friend, Yasir and Munirah but they too have 3 kids in tow albeit older. It was 1 am by the time we get everybody settled down, and I was already tired and hungry. We only had instant noodle for supper. Interesting choice for carbo-loading you might say.Yasir on the other hand will take part i…

Boston Marathon Qualifying time

Below is the qualifying time for Boston Marathon. For 2014 race, the qualifying window is open from 22 September 2012 till the registration date (TBD), around September 2013.

Looks like my chance to qualify for 2014 race are slim to nil. I am nowhere near the 3:10:00 mark yet. It may take me another year or so to get there (with luck). So realistically I would try to qualify for the 2015 or 2016 editions. In the mean time I would like to wish all the Malaysian runners who made it to the Boston Marathon 2013 the best of luck. Malaysia Boleh

New amoury for Dubai Marathon 2013

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Training for Dubai Marathon


Maratona Di Torino. Gran Premio La Stampa 2012

Turin, Italy 18 November 2012. It was a cold 2 degree Celsius morning in the Piedmont capital, Turin. I was armed with ear muff, full body compression, a jacket, gloves and my club jersey. I have never ran in that much clothing before, but I can still feel the chill up to my spine even with that much garment.

I am supposed to be hydrated before the race, but my problem was, my bladder cannot seem to be able contain any fluid intake in this kind of temperature. I was lucky that my hotel was very close to the start and finish lines, so I can afford to leave 30 minutes before the start. It was a beautiful morning. I joined some serious looking elite runners doing warm up laps. I myself felt like an elite when the official photographers kept asking me to pose for their cameras (well it was their job to sell the pics anyway). I don't know if it was down to nervousness or my bladder need some upkeep, I had the urge to pee 15 minutes before the start even though I had peed until the last …

Look what I got on my birthday today

My wife sent me a bouquet of flower to my office. It was such a surprise. Thanks Ayang. Love you always
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