2012 was awesome, Bring on 2013

Thank you ALLAH for yet another great year. 2012 has been awesome. I have been blessed with many happiness especially with the birth of our third child, Elias Arjuna. However, I cannot say that I have achieved of my 2012 targets. So I will take the same resolution into 2013 and carry on from there.

With the 2012 drawing to an end let see how my 'Performance' against my 2012 resolutions:
1. A better Muslim InshaALLAH > I tried to be and Alhamdullilah ALLAH has made it easier for me to get closer to HIM. I am nowhere near 'good' yet but this is one aspect of my life that I hope to improve continuously InshaALLAH. I also hope to perform the Haj in 2013 Amin.

2. Cleared bad debts and enjoy financial freedom > Not 100% but cleared a big chunk of it.

3. Achieved pre-wedding weight and maintains a healthy lifestyle > Accomplished, current weight is 54kg and I have since taken up running seriously and completed my first marathon. I'm hoping to complete 3 full marathons in 2013, Dubai, Paris and New York.

4. Learn Arabic > Failed. Enrolled at Fanar Centre. Was top in my class in Level 1, but lost interest at Level 2, when the teacher conducted the class 100% in Arabic without any English translation. I guess I just have to learn it outside the classroom.

5. Travel: New York, Lisbon > Did not get to New York and Lisbon, but took my family to Australia, UAE, Malaysia and Singapore. I also went to Milan and Turin for my marathon race. In 2013 my travel plan will be London, Paris, Amsterdam, and New York. Will see about Lisbon though.

6. A better son to my mother, husband to my wife, father to my kids > Alhamdullilah I could never ask for a better wife, or better children. They are perfect for me, and I am trying to be as good husband and father for them. However I still think that I should do more for my mother.   

7. Achieved outstanding rating of 3 in the Year End Assessment > Failed. Only achieved rating 2, but my boss said he can see my performance improved in the second part of the year. I will be more proactive and close all the gaps identified in my 2012 assessment.

2013 will be the best year yet.. INSYAALLAH


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