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Our future Olympian, Zachary's first 1k run

Zachary, my 3 year old son always asks me to take him for a jog. So last Saturday, I took him to Aspire park and ran 1km with him. He loves running, well maybe he was influenced by his papa and now mama too. I want to register him in the 1k mini marathon during the upcoming Ooredoo Marathon in January, but I was sceptical about his ability. I am not a pushy parent. I wont force him to do anything he does not like, but since he kept asking, lets put him on a time trial for 1km.

He was so excited, he just ran and ran non stop. I was running beside him and kept asking if he was tired or if he wants water. But he kept saying No!. He only stop once at 600m to have a sip of water before continued running. I observed his running form and found out that he has a perfect running style. Mid foot strike, high cadence, shoulder in front, legs behind, in short, I was a total opposite when I first started 2 years ago. He completed the 1km in 9:21. He was actually faster than me when I did my 1st run…

Munich Marathon 2013

This is it. The race that I have been waiting for. The race to redeem myself from the disappointment of my last marathon in Paris, and more importantly as my first stop to Boston qualification. I hired a personal coach, Sarah Whittington, and trained through the summer for this race. I was mentally and physically ready to fly along the course across this beautiful Bavarian city; and I won't be alone. My coach will be pacing me and she had planned for a sub 3:40 finish for me. Everything seems perfect. I was injury free, been on gluten free and cleaner diet and and I even slept well the two nights prior the event.  I even dared to asked Sarah to revise the target and aim higher for a sub 3:30. I may sound over confident, but I felt so ready and well prepared. Perhaps I was too over confident that I forgot a marathon is a long 42.2 km (it was 42.5 in Munich) battle and anything can happen in between.

It was a cold and wet morning with a temperature around 3 deg Celsius when I woke up…

SP Half Marathon 2013

13 September 2013

I came to Sungai Petani with an aim to finish the race in the top 20 based on my current form and their last year's result. It was a very realistic target and for that very reason I was willing to embark on a 10 hours bus ride from Johor Bahru to participate in this race, despite all the negative reviews I heard about them in the 2012's edition.

I arrived in Sungai Petani at 6.30 am  on Friday and I was lucky that the hotel allowed me to check in early at 7am instead of the normal afternoon check-in. I had one full day of rest after collecting the race pack at Dewan Penjara.
I accept that it was my fault. My coach has reminded me before I left Doha to learn the course well and remember all the turns and corners, but I was too lazy to do it. Lesson learned. I joined this small town race to 'win' but I think that would be the last. To add salt to the wound, they only timed and rank the top 10 of every category. As they race was manually timed, we never kne…