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Tear gas, water canon and stone missiles

Prrangg..prrangg.. prrangg.. I heard the thunderous noise in my sleep.. I was then wondering.. was I dreaming? I woke up and still heard the noise.. followed by the sound of people screaming and shouting. I sat on my bed, half asleep and wondering what was going on.

It was 11 am Sunday the 25th November 2007. I ran towards the window and hastily pulled the blind. From the window of my 21st floor room at Hotel Nikko, I was knocked for six to see two police helicopters outside of my windows. As I looked the street down below I saw people in their thousands were running in many directions like a school of fish being disturbed by an oncoming boat. There were policemen well equipped with amour and hard hat and masks, complete with their cavalry. The police were shooting tear gas and water canons to the marching crowd towards the British High Commissions.

The saga finally ends at about 4pm. The usually busy Jalan Ampang and Jalan Tun Razak were strangely quiet. All the businesses were closed.…

Lost (A sequel to 'Guiding lights')

Imagine... all this while you think you live in abundance. Life has been good, to some even live like royalties. We take all that for granted. All that glitters come so easy we forget to appreciate all the little things we have.. not until the law of gratitude takes it 360 degree turn.

Happiness can come in various of ways... one can have money, status, materials and all sort of other 'hardwares' of happiness. But believe me even the money from all piggy banks around the world wont buy happiness.. not without someone you can share them with... i am talking about friends.

For so long i dont care what others think about me.. and i dont need to work hard to attract and keep my friends close. I believe im a good person and i will attract good people. God has always blessed me with good friends every where i go. I really treasure them. But i guess my magic doesnt work here, in this corner of Borneo. Living in this strange place, alone, making me nuts.

Just as i thought i still have my…