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Endurance race

"This too will passed" that was a line from the movie, 'My Best Friend's Wedding'. No matter how terrible or how big your problem is, it will eventually passed. Im currently struggling to complete a dissertation for my Masters Degree, and I have only a month to complete it. At a current rate of progress, the future looks bleak. But I have to be positive, keep my self belief and at the same time be optimistic. I dont aim for an A, a pass is more than enough.

The side effect that Im having now is that I can't concentrate on my work. My mind's so consumed with my dissertation, and I became complacent at work. Its actually embarassing when you make stupid mistakes all the time and your boss has to make all the corrections. I can understad if he pissed at me, because I am pissed at myself. Its time to change. Please brain, be alert and kill those carelessness.

Macau: A world of difference

We had a daytrip to Macau last November from Hong Kong. The Cotai Jet ferry took us accross the Pearl River estuary to the newly built ferry terminal near the Cotai Strip on Taipa Island. From there we took a cab to the ruins of the Sao Paulo church. This is the main tourist draw in Macau (other than the many casinos). All that remains of the church is an ornately impressive fa├žade, the rest of the cathedral burnt down during a kitchen-mishap in the 1800’s. Despite this, the building remains a powerful statement of the power the Portuguese once wielded in Asia, and is as impressive as the cathedrals of Europe’s old capitals.
Sao Paulo Church From the Sao Paulo, we climbed the adjescent hill to Monte Fortress. As a Christian stronghold in a distinctly un-Christian neighbourhood, the city’s early Jesuits was constantly concerned about invasion and having their heads chopped off by non believers. In 1617 they began construction of the Monte Fortress, a stronghold that would eventually cove…

Live It Love It Hong Kong

We had a short holiday in Hong Kong from 9-13 Nov 09. This was my second time and Hani's first. We flew Air Asia from Kuala Lumpur, even the accommodation was booked through Air Asia's website. This time we stayed on Hong Kong Island near Causeway bay area. The hotel was so so, nothing like the Nikko on my first visit. The reason was, we want to spend more on shopping.

Hani was not feeling well, and she got tired quickly being 3 months pregnant (she even threw up in the cab on the way to the hotel from the airport). So we usually had early nights and had to cancel a day trip to Shenzen. Apart that and the air pollution that somehow hid the spectacular Hong Kong skyline, I can say we had a great time.

We went up the Peak and visit Madame Tussaud wax museum. The Scream house was great. Then we also went to Hong Kong Disneyland. It was ok, smaller that I had expected, but the dark roller coaster was fun. Other than that we just spent our time walking, enjoying the city's view f…