Endurance race

"This too will passed" that was a line from the movie, 'My Best Friend's Wedding'. No matter how terrible or how big your problem is, it will eventually passed. Im currently struggling to complete a dissertation for my Masters Degree, and I have only a month to complete it. At a current rate of progress, the future looks bleak. But I have to be positive, keep my self belief and at the same time be optimistic. I dont aim for an A, a pass is more than enough.

The side effect that Im having now is that I can't concentrate on my work. My mind's so consumed with my dissertation, and I became complacent at work. Its actually embarassing when you make stupid mistakes all the time and your boss has to make all the corrections. I can understad if he pissed at me, because I am pissed at myself. Its time to change. Please brain, be alert and kill those carelessness.


victoire said…
abg sham nak sambung master kat ne?
wat MBa ke
whitelighter said…
Huhu.. masters ni dah lama dah tertangguh.. abg wat Const. Contracts Mgt kat UTM, masa kerja kat KL dulu.. tahun 2006. patutnya 2007 dah habis.. pastu pindah sarawak tangguh then pindah qatar lagi lah.. tinggal thesis je ngn satu lg university subject.. yg lain semua dah settle.
mohd_hanapi said…
salam.... lama tak tinggal pesanan... dah scan belum baby per?..... mesti comel baby nyer sbb 2-2 pun cute heheheh

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