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Four Seasons Spa and a Dhow ride

The meeting with Fatema, my onboarding coordinator from LA Recruiment was good. She had everything sorted out. The meeting that was scheduled to finish at four was concluded at 12. I have the rest of the day free. I took this oppurtunity to do a little bit of exploring the city of Doha.
LA Recruitment Onboarding Coorninator, Fatema First stop, Four Seasons Hotel Doha at West Bay. I thought what is a better thing to do to reward myself and prepares for a new adventure with a new job than a full body soul and mind spa treatment. It was a great experience. I had a Sodashi body scrub and followed by a salt mineral body wrap.

Four Seasons Doha

From there I just walked along the Corniche before taking a dhow ride. The view of the West Bay from Doha Bay was breathtaking. How I wish I was there with someone to share the experience.
West Bay / Corniche

I conclude my little exploration at Salam Plaza and Doha City Centre Mall.

More pictures of my first encounter of Doha here

Today is the day

Blogging From Bahrain International Airport 30/10/2008 At Senai International before boarding

The flight from Jb to KL was ok. Mom, Tanti, Alang and Balqis sent me off at Senai. My baggage weigted just over 50kg, that means 20kg of excess, but I worked my charm and got exempted on JB - KUL leg and was only charged 10kg for KUL - DOH.

Received calls from Da'a, Zaitun, Anton and Fariza. I was also managed to talk to Hani and mom on the phone before boarding. I also received a message from my dive buddy Izura. I will miss them, friends and family, food, weather and everything Malaysian. You can move a Malaysian from its soil but you cannot remove Malaysia from a Malaysian's soul, well at least to me.

The flight from KUL to Bahrain went smoothly. I made friend with an English lady seated next to me, Chrissie she travels to Malaysia quite often. She now lives in Malaga, Spain. I made it pretty clear to her that she might see me knocking on her door someday. The 7 hours flight was a lit…

Survive to live

I have about a week before I leave for Doha. I feel rather jiterry and scared. Will I be okay there. Will I fit and blend well in a new environment foreign to me. I was on meebo chat with Sabrina, my good friend cum ex flat mate cum ex class mate cum ex mutual pre arranged marriange contract mate, today. She's a good motivator. I, as a big whiner as always turned to her for advice.
She advised me to be ready for a change. A Change is of the essence for a better life. With change comes uncertainties and hardship. We need to be strong to wade the tide and tribulation a change might brings and survive. But I dont want to survive, I want to live!!! She then quotes,
We need to survive to live Amir.S, Brisbane, Oct 08

I also receive a comment on Facebook from Marlin, another close friend of mine in Australia. She says :

alahaiiii kalau brisbane boleh, takkan qatar tak leh... you kan resilient! malaysia boleh, sharm tentu boleh! Marlin,Brisbane,Oct 08

Doha here I come

Racing against time

My supposedly last day at Shell is on 29th October 2008, but I was thinking of taking 3 days off from 27-29 October. The problem is, I only have 2 days leave left. My flight to Doha is on the 30th. Well I dont care I will fly back to JB on the 23rd and will come back to Miri. This will give me 6 days window before flying to Doha. I really want to join the rest of the Pok FC members for a diving trip in Tioman. They all will be leaving for Tioman on Thursday. My plan is to catch a morning boat to Tioman on Friday 24th Oct and return on Sunday. This is my last chance to clear up my mind and ready for a new adventure.

I only have 5 days left at the office, but I still have tons of work to do. I will try to do as much as I possibly can. This is important as I am planning to come back and rejoin this company in the future. So I have to keep my good (Well I thought so) reputation here. But how can I possibly do that when my mind is already in Tioman and blinded by a desert mirrage....... grr…

Airlines I flew

Malaysia Airlines My first experience flying was with Malaysia Airlines. It was a flight from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur back in 1997 for an urgent tender submission. That was a pre Air Asia era, so you may consider yourself privilaged because NOT Everyone Can Fly. From then on I fly Malaysia at the rate of once or twice a month for business travel. Their domestic service has nothing to shout about. They should consider replacing their ageing fleet. I notice too much cost cutting from Malaysia. The food on domestic routes used to be very good with porcelain plates and stainless steel utensils. Now they serve cold sandwiches or cheapo meals in a box or disposable packs. Luckily my employer put me on business class everytime I fly Johor Bahru - Miri leg. However long haul flights on Malaysia were good, fit its Five Star status. By the way I am a loyal customer and an Enrich member. Read what others say about Malaysia Airlines here Flights
1. Many many domestic flights. Mostly between the P…

Flights waiting

I just receive e-tickets from my agent today.

My flight itinerary is as follows:

Flight : MH1034 Malaysia Airlines
Date : 30 October 2008
Destination : JHB - KUL
Depart : 0700
Arrive : 0745
Class : C

Flight : GF281 Gulf Air
Date : 30 October 2008
Destination : KUL - BAH
Depart : 1040
Arrive : 1345
Class : C

Flight : GF514
Date : 30 October 2008
Destination : BAH - DOH
Depart : 1700
Arrive : 1745
Class : C

They booked me business class seat on all flights. Sleeper seats on Gulf Air looks great. This will help me to snooze my way on the 8 hours journey to Bahrain. I cannot ask for more.

So if want to bid farewell to me, you are most welcomme to do so..

Oh yes they even booked me return flights back to Malaysia in December. This year not next! Yes, offcourse they put me in business. I may not use the return tickets. They bought them simply because its cheaper to buy return and for visa purposes.

So if you are looking for a recruitment agency to represent you. Think LA Recruitment.

Eid 1429 : Not complete but great

We still celebrate this year's EID at the same flat. This is the 3rd time my big family squeezing every inch we could spare into this little 2 bedrooms pen. We supposed to celebrate EID at our new house, but I guess we just have to wait for yet another year.

In keeping with the tradition started 3 years ago, I had late supper at Singgah Selalu with Rush, Tompok and Sam on Eid eve after some last minute shopping. We stayed there chatting, and exchange gossips until 2 am.
In the morning, my whole family look like a choir group or like a Boria group from Pulau Pinang. We all had matching outfits for this years Eid. But i liked it. It shows that on this day, we are one as a family, though we are all different individually.
The spirit shows when we go visiting relatives in a convoi. Something that does not happen very often before. It was fun. I realised how much I love my family. We went on a road trip visiting my fiancee's house at BBU, relatives in Ledang, Temerloh, Mersing and Ko…