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Zach's 1st day out

By: Zachary Andika
9 July 2010
Today was Mama's independence day after spending 44 days hibernating at home during her confinement period when she had me. She can finally goes out and do anything she likes. Papa was so sweet, he took Mama, Mak Tua and I for a day out at Villagio Mall. I heard this place is Mama's favourite place. The place was nice, the sky was so beautiful I thought it's fake or maybe it is. The weather was cool and not furnace hot like the temperature outside. There were so many people. I have never seen so many people in my life before.
Mama checking if I was asleep
Soon after I felt hungry but Mama was no where to be found. She went inside a shop selling leather goods. Lucky Papa was with me. Papa fed me by a fountain. I loved the sound of the water. It reminds me of life back in Mama's womb. Oh those were the days when I can only hear Mama and Papa, but now I am glad that I can see and feel their touch. Life in the outside world is a lot better than i…