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Road to Munich 2013: 18 days to go - Interval at QSC

This was my firs interval after a month. I felt so sluggish and heavy. I mean literally heavy. I am 4 kg heavier now than I was a month ago. I cannot possibly get to my ideal race in time for Munich. I seemed to have lost the speed in my legs and I got tired by the end of the session.

The programme was: 2 km Warm up, 5 x 1km in HR Zone 4; 3 min recovery jog in between, 2km cool down.

Here how it went.

Split Time Avg Pace Best Pace Avg HR Max HR
1 3:58.6 3:59 3:44 178 184
2 3:59.6 3:59 3:34 180 186 3 4:15.9 4:15 4:00 178 185
4 4:14.6 4:15 4:02 179 186
5 4:26.3 4:26 4:08 179 184

The good thing was, the 3:58.6 i did in the first split was my new PB for 1km.

Garmin data here:
Interval by Syafei at Garmin Connect - Details

Sure Can One Lah

Road to Munich 2013: 34 days to go - LSD at UTM

I dad a great LSD session at my alma mater, University of Technology, Malaysia campus this morning. My heart rate and pace suffered from the hilly route. The highest point was the Observatory station hill at 126m. I am totally loving the change of scenery. It is so green and peaceful here. I forgot how beautiful UTM campus was. The campus is perfect for marathon training. The sprawling campus is perfect for LSD. Then there are many hilly terrain for hill training, nice flat loop around Lingkaran Ilmu for tempo and the spanking new stadium for track intervals. They also have a new olympic size swimming pool and gymnasium for cross training. They should be doing really well in the MASUM meet with all the facilities.

I have recovered well from my half marathon last week, apart from a slight pain at the side of my right knee, I supposed at the point where the IT band connects with the knee. I hope it will heal completely before my next race this Saturday.

LSD @ UTM by Syafei at Garmin Conne…

SAFRA Army Half Marathon 2013

I was still tired from my 24 hours journey the day earlier and still suffering from the jet lag that I only managed to go to bed past mid night, with a help of Ezee Sleep, a concoction like its name suggest, was supposed to make you drowsy and help you to sleep I found on a 7 Eleven counter. Yes it works, but I kept waking up and only had intermittent sleep.

My plan to enter the pen early did not work as I dozed off when I hit the snooze button on the alarm clock. I only went into the pen 15 minutes before the flag off. I started the race from the back of some 16000 strong crowd. I was trapped and had to weave through the crowd fighting for space to run.  The course was so narrow after 7 km, no wider than 2 meters on garden paths. I had to run on the grass, concrete pavement and the road kerb. It was tiring and hard on my leg from all the lateral movements.I took my first gel at KM 8, and a capsule of Hammer Endurolyte at KM 10. There were so many sharp turns and few bottlenecks. The w…