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2007 : Wish it will never end

I was a person who never really cares about new years.. year in.. year out are just another day. Looking back what i have been through this year, I cannot help but take a sojourn and count my blessings. 2007 was the year full of surprises, achievements, oppurtunities and happiness. It proved that, with GOD bless, you can achieve anything you want if you believe. Life is not all about luck as many believe. It is hard for me to sum up what i have been through without Looking at it retrospectively.
I did superbly well in my studies. I will not forget how mom reacted when i called her that afternoon to tell her about my last semester's result. She was not well that day. Her voice was raspy and she could barely speak. In tears she said 'Alhamdullillah, praise to the Lord, I will fast tomorrow. I pray for you everyday'. I could not hold my tears, I am not a kind of person who like to show my emotion, espescially with my family. She was sick but she still insisted to fast. Her way…

31 and still kicking

It was the eve of 6 Dec. I just got home from Dragon Seafood attending our Project's Annual Dinner. I have to leave early, got a morning flight to catch tomorrow. The karaoke session was about to start when i left. Nobody saw me sneaking out from the side exit. Well why would anybody bother, i was only a cog in a wheel. I hate to wake up in the wee hour to catch the 6am flight to KL. Chell, as always, was ever willing to take me to the airport.

I set the alarm clock at 4am in my mobile , and dive into my ever inviting bed. My dainty doona felt so good that i fell asleep almost instantly. In my sleep i heard a femiliar noise ding ding ding.. argh, it was the sound of an incoming text message. I woke up, grab my tiny mobile left accross the room (so as to prevent me from turning off the alarm and resuming my sleep). It was a birthday wish from a good friend of mine, i smiled and went back to sleep. I am a light sleeper and it is hard for me to get back into REM when woken up. 10 minu…