31 and still kicking

It was the eve of 6 Dec. I just got home from Dragon Seafood attending our Project's Annual Dinner. I have to leave early, got a morning flight to catch tomorrow. The karaoke session was about to start when i left. Nobody saw me sneaking out from the side exit. Well why would anybody bother, i was only a cog in a wheel. I hate to wake up in the wee hour to catch the 6am flight to KL. Chell, as always, was ever willing to take me to the airport.

I set the alarm clock at 4am in my mobile , and dive into my ever inviting bed. My dainty doona felt so good that i fell asleep almost instantly. In my sleep i heard a femiliar noise ding ding ding.. argh, it was the sound of an incoming text message. I woke up, grab my tiny mobile left accross the room (so as to prevent me from turning off the alarm and resuming my sleep). It was a birthday wish from a good friend of mine, i smiled and went back to sleep. I am a light sleeper and it is hard for me to get back into REM when woken up. 10 minutes before midnight, my mobile started ringing continuously.. friends called, some sang birthday songs and text well wishes. I really appreciate it.. but hey i need to sleep..

That morning i woke at 5.10 am.. knowing i only have 30 minutes to get to the airport, i was out of my house in 5 minutes, picked up Chell and dash to the airport. I was the last to check in. But thank god i made it. The meeting was over at 3pm and my flight back to Miri is at 8pm. Then i decided to stay in KL over the weekend to at least get a chance to soak up the celebration mood.

Soaking up the atmosphere

Last year I was in Phuket on my birthday. The year before i was in Singapore. 6 Dec always special. Ironically this year, i feel this is just like any other day. I dont make a big fuss about celebrating birthdays anymore. I am 31, not 13 for god sake. But then i realised, that i dont have anything to proud of, to shout about. I dont want to be mediocre. I dont want to rot for nothing. I have not achieve anything i can boast about in my life. But now i am determined to change that. I am the pride of Kampung Paya Mas, Tangkak... But what is it really that I want to achieve? Start a family? (which i guess is long overdue) Promotion? Academic? I dont know... I will think of something.

Today, i spent most of my time alone and counting my blessing. I may not be as successful as i want it to be, but my life was blessed with all the good things from GOD. Love from my family, caring friends, good health and countless others. I then remember The Law of Gratitude, To get more we must appreciate what we have now. I guess what i want to achieve this year is to ... (I am still thinking)

My favourite passtime, thinking or more aptly having my head in the clouds

Thank you to Suffian, Ronnie, Nizar, Razak, Odeng, Tori, Nuzul, Tuah, Ila for the trouble to entertain me on my supposedly special day, and all of you well wishers out there. Hani (Ayang) whose singing voice sounds like a kid from kids shows, Ninut, Wei Jun, Kak Sariati who called all the way from Denmark, Da'a, Sam, Che As, Chell, among others, too many to mention. I really appreciate it.

Nuzul, Tori and Odeng at Time Sq


chell said…
wehhh.. patutnya kan.. aku yg bg hadiah kat ko.. tp ni da tbalik la pulak.. anyway, thanks a lot 4 d present. even ada org cakap aku pakai pyjama.. aku tetap suka baju tu.. hehehehe..
p/s: aiman tak kisah org yg kutuk tu.. sbb aku tau dia jeles tak dapat hadiah dari nko.. ahaks.. peace!
whitelighter said…

memang aku pun rasa macamtu..
Rush Murad said…
how come i didnt know ur b'day????? geeesssss.... we shud hv sumthing in Miri... cheese cake next time....? May all the good things bestowed upon u dude...
whitelighter said…
haha that because i dont go and advertise to all. guess too old for that.. thanks anyway
~wan hidayat~ said…
Some people taught me and keep reminding me that age is just a number...yeahhh, obviously, it's just a number....uyou look always young to my eyes.....Abg, happy belated bufday, semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki dan berbahagia dunia akhirat....wan doakan semoga abg akan memperolehi apa yang abg impikan dalam hidup....Allah is most helping, forgiving and merciful......

Abg.....kalau abg nampak wan dah jauh 'lagha' tolong tegur/marah wan.....i'm too gullible....thanks for giving me a piece of advice....i do't want a piece but i want more,more and more.....u inspired me by ur sayings, i like to see the value in you.....
ninut said…
What ev sham,

31 and still kicking? kick me if you can. hehehehe.

there are more and more blessings coming your way. I bet you'll still be kicking years to come.

p/s: jeles u ada gmbar ngan shah n odeng
whitelighter said…
wan hidayat,
Sure kita saling ingat mengingati ye.. abg pun selalu complacent gak.. i could use your advice..

Yeah you are my kick ass friend.. well god bless u always. Yeah its funny that Odeng and Syah were more enthusiastic to celebrate my birthday than myself..
Harteeny said…
Happy belated Birthday! Hope you had a good one :) happy holidays!
عيديد said…
wah kita mcm byk persamaan. Both Sagitarius, QS and most important we are cute kan. hehehe
Happy new year and wish you all the best.
sinagamerah said…
call me your bad close friend for not remembering your birthday. but tell you this, you are always on my mind and close at heart. Forgive me for my short fall. Hope you'll have a great year ahead and soars high like a true whitelighter...cheers mate!
sinagamerah said…
since when u inspired people?????
whitelighter said…

Thanks mate.. ahaha no worries.. its not a big a deal.. well i tot i always looked up to me for inspirations.. hehe
Zoulkieflie said…
happy belated birthday..:)

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