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KL Marathon For Virgin : Week 11 to 15


KL Marathon for Virgin : Week 9 and 10


Sharq Village Charity Race

Last Saturday, I participated in a 10 km race organised by the Six Senses Spa, Sharq Village, while my wife, Hani took part in the 5 km category.  The Sharq Village has been organising the charity race for almost every month recently, but I never had much interest to participate because of 2 reasons. Firstly, the race are taking place along the Corniche promenade with its hard and uneven brick surfaces. It is bad for my knees and I have suffered patellafemoral pain not once but twice after running the entire length of the Corniche. Secondly, in the previous races, I found it odd that the distances were either 15 km or 7.5 km. For some reason, I am not keen to race in a non-standard distance events. I am only interested in 5,10, Half Marathon or Full Marathon events. Thankfully the organiser decided to start the event near the Museum of Islamic Art instead of from the Sharq Village itself. So we had 5 and 10 km categories.

The race was scheduled to start at 4 pm. I was expecting a toug…