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Sunrise over Doha

Sticking to my new year's resolutions which include to reclaim my ideal weight, and live a healthy lifestyle, I have taken running quite seriously lately. So today I went to Doha Corniche for a jog after fajr prayer.  I was supposed to run with the guys from Doha Bay Running Club (which I just join yesterday), but I was 10 minutes late and they had already left. I ended up running by myself along the promenade and was mesmerised by the sunrise casting its golden rays over Doha city. It is a good enough reason to wake up this early on Friday morning.

My green open top sports car

Strollers are for babies. I prefer my green open top sports car. Thanks mama for the present. Now I can drive to rumah nenek.. yeehaa.

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Doha lost in fog

These pictures were taken from my office window at 3 in the afternoon yesterday.
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Lughatul Arabia.. Raqam Wahid

Sabahoulkhair. Item 4 of my new year's resolutions is to learn Arabic. I have been meaning to take up Arabic classes since I first set foot in this country in 2008. It was not until last night I finally enrolled in Arabic class at Fanar. They have great facilities and classes for every level. I am at Level 1 and I have to start with the basic Alif Ba Ta. Well at least I am done with the hardest part.. to START.

You may find all the information about Arabic classes at Fanar HERE. Maassalama.

I Love London

There are only few places in the world (not that I have been to that many places) that I feel attached, comfortable and do not mind visiting time and time again. I had that feeling when I first visited this centre of British Empire during my first euro trip in 2007. I knew then that I will always come back to this city. That's right I have been to London 5 times since then. I even took my wife for honeymoon here and stayed at The Ritz. A major upgrade from a shared dorm at a backpackers hostel in 2007.

I cannot fully explain why I like, no, LOVE London so much. I even felt like a Londoner when I took a tube ride alone to the Emirates stadium visiting the home of Arsenal FC while the rest of my travelling party went shopping at Knightsbridge. And don't ask me why I support Arsenal either.

London feels like home, which is absurd considering I have never live there. I usually flew to London before travelling to other parts of Europe. The funny thing was, I felt so relieved upon r…

Our home, Contours @ Melawati Heights

We went to see the progress of our future home during our last holiday in Malaysia. We had this special feeling upon entering this gated community that we belong here. We can see ourselves owning one of the houses that are currently under construction. This place truly is our dream home, and dream is FREE. We love everything about the house. The location, the design (albeit some modifications deemed necessary) and the picturesque surroundings. Green and quiet.

This 4 bedrooms + maid's room has separated living and entertainment quarters linked by its very own mini sky bridge like the one at Petronas towers. All bedrooms  are located on one side while kitchen, dining and living area on the other. The house also comes with its very own private lift, so we won't risk breaking our back carrying heavy suitcases up and down the staircase each time we go traveling.

There is a small lap pool in the middle of the house and a sun deck which is great place to unwind after work or durin…