I Love London

There are only few places in the world (not that I have been to that many places) that I feel attached, comfortable and do not mind visiting time and time again. I had that feeling when I first visited this centre of British Empire during my first euro trip in 2007. I knew then that I will always come back to this city. That's right I have been to London 5 times since then. I even took my wife for honeymoon here and stayed at The Ritz. A major upgrade from a shared dorm at a backpackers hostel in 2007.

I cannot fully explain why I like, no, LOVE London so much. I even felt like a Londoner when I took a tube ride alone to the Emirates stadium visiting the home of Arsenal FC while the rest of my travelling party went shopping at Knightsbridge. And don't ask me why I support Arsenal either.

London feels like home, which is absurd considering I have never live there. I usually flew to London before travelling to other parts of Europe. The funny thing was, I felt so relieved upon returning to London from a trip to Paris or travelling around Spain. Perhaps because there is no language barrier and the feeling of inclusiveness. You will not feel alien in London as it is the most cosmopolitan city in the world. There are 350 languages spoken in and around London so it is truly a capital of the world.    

London is busy but orderly, densely populated yet full of parks and open spaces. Another thing, it has many halal food outlets, an important criteria to set up a base. Perhaps one day I can call this city home even for a while.

Upon arrival at Heathrow Aug 2007. Lepas gian after 14 hours tak dapat hisap rokok
The new home for Arsenal FC, Aug 2007
Buckingham Palace Aug 2007
Trafalgar Sq. May 2009
London is green. May 2009
The City from Westminster May 2009
London famous telephone box May 2009
London taxi and double decker bus June 2009
Honeymoon Jun 2009
Honeymoon Jun 2009
Honeymoon Jun 209
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victoire said…
trust me you'll love ny even more than london once you go to ny..
whitelighter said…
Khairy, NY certainly is Top on my list of Places to Visit.. but Im not sure if I want to live there.. huhu

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