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Road To ING New York City Marathon 2012 - Pilot Episode

New York City placed at the very top of my "Must Go" places. I have been planning to visit the Big Apple since 2006. The plan has been postponed and scraped many times. Now that I am started running, I have set a dream to run in the ING New York City Marathon one day.  I have set that dream on 29 June 2011, the day when I decided to buy myself a pair of running shoe. I also stated my intention in my blog 'Aku Nak Lari Marathon'.

But why New York City Marathon?

I don't know the exact answer to that question. Maybe the fact that INYC Marathon is the world's largest marathon. It is also one of the World Marathon Majors which a total novice like me can enter. I first heard about it back in November 2008, on a shuttle bus from work site to Ras Gas canteen when I heard someone behind my seat, who has just came back from INYC Marathon proudly sharing his experience with his mates. I was eavesdropping. He was saying that the event was like one big party where hundred …

Si kuda tua (an old horse)

I have been having pain on my left knee, lower back and thighs. The pain started after I did an interval training for the first time about a month ago. I tried to have as enough rest as possible and not to over train, but the pain seems found itself a permanent residency in my body. I tried Deep Tissue massage, and it works, but the pain came back when I resume training.

I cannot afford to miss my training programme for Gold Coast, so I went to see a doctor today. The Doctor instructed me to undergo a Vitamin D test and prescribed me with a pain killer, a medicine for arthritis and a supplement to support healthy joint function. Wait a minute.. arthritis? Joint problem? Excuse me, I'm 35, and not even reach 40 (which is the new 30) yet. Clinically I am only 20 something. I need to start a cell therapy programme now, perhaps Celergen can help.

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You are definitely NOT handsome

I went running with my Vietnamese neighbour, Jane Last Friday. We became quite close this last month or so as we both love running and I invited her to join my running club. She even invited me and my family for dinner at her place. She has two beautiful daughters and a super friendly husband.

We chatted casually on our way home, initially about our plan to run in the next Dubai Marathon, and then the conversation turned more and more personal. I was stunned with her blatant remarks about me. I know we are close but I did not realised that we were that close. Here are some of the excerpts of our conversations:

Jane: You know you are so lucky to have such a beautiful wife.

Me: Thank you, but she is also lucky to have handsome husband like me hehe

Jane: I don’t know what she looks at, but you are definitely not handsome. You are cute and talented. Maybe she likes you because how you care for her and how you treat and talk to a woman. I don’t know you only she knows.

Me: Do you really think …

I am a Master Degree holder and I can brag about it.. at last

I finally received my masters certificate and transcript after almost 6 years. I enrolled in this programme on 9 July 2006 at UTM KL and was only conferred the degree on 6 July 2011. What was supposed to be a 2 year programme was delayed following my relocation from Kuala Lumpur to Lumut, Miri and then to Qatar. The total costs escalated from RM 20k to more than RM 50K. Imagine I had to drive 4 hours from Lumut, fly 2 hours from Miri then 8 hours from Doha to attend classes, seminars and presentations in Kuala Lumpur. It was hard to focus and excel on the studies when you live thousand miles from school. Your chance of success is very slim, much like when you are in a long distance relationship. Call it third time lucky,  I failed my final year thesis twice before I got lucky just to pass the third time. Sometimes I was thinking, was it even worth it? I had contemplated to quit not once, but 6 times. I exhaled the longest sigh of relief when my thesis was finally accepted during the t…

Asics Half Marathon, Gold Coast 2012 Countdown begins

I started my training programme for Asics Half Marathon, Gold Coast 2012 with 74 days to go yesterday. My target is to finish this race under 2 hours. It may sound impossible now as my personal best is a meagre 2:33:30. But I will give everything in me to do this. I have to. I regard this as my personal qualifying time to enter Dubai Marathon in January 2013. I will train hard and stick to my training programme even though it will be very difficult to train in the sizzling Doha summer leading up to the race. (Terus lagu Justin Bieber Never Say Never bermain dalam kepala, p/s im not the Bieb's fan ok). I guess I am lucky to have full support from my wife and constant encouragement and motivation from the members of Doha Bay Running Club. I have won half of the battle there I believe. Now I only have myself to beat.

My Personal Best Records

My All Time Top 5 Personal Records:

5 KM
1.   20:22   4:04/km  22/11/13   Doha College 5K, Qatar
2.   20:58   4:11/km  06/12/13   Al-Khor Open Triathlon
3.   21:42   4:20/km  29/11/13   GMC Triseries Doha Race 2
4.   21.49   4:21/km  14/12/13   Standard Chartered Doha 10K
5.   23:03   4:36/km  21/03/13   Doha College Night Run, Qatar

10 KM
1.   44:17   4:25/km   11/04/14  The Pearl Triathlon (Team), Doha, Qatar
2.   44:45   4:28/km   14/12/13  Standard Chartered Doha 10K

Half Marathon
1.  1:39:38    4:39/km    13/02/15   RAK Half Marathon, Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE
1.  1:39:38    4:40/km    14/02/14   RAK Half Marathon, Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE
3.  1:43:13    4:53/km    25/05/14   Edinburgh Marathon, Scotland, UK
4.  1:44:18    4:53/km    09/01/15   Ooredoo Marathon 2015, Doha, Qatar
5.  1:45:26    4:57/km    15/02/13   RAK Half Marathon, Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE

1.  3:42:40    5:15/km    24/01/14  Dubai Marathon, UAE
2.  3:55:20    5:35/km    25/01/13  Dubai Marathon, UAE
3.  3:55:21    5:32/km…


This small watch repair shop is located at the exit of Tibah Petrol station and  Kharatiyat Shopping Complex at Al-Kharatiyat, Doha. It's existence seems to be out of place with that makeshift shack, but there it is like a loose thread in otherwise a fine fabric.

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Dhow Cruise

Last Saturday, we joined a dhow cruise organised by our friends from Doha Bay Running Club. It was a nice relaxing day on the bay. Both Zach and Cinta were at their best behaviour. Zachary in particular was really enjoying himself and cannot stop runing and was very excited pointing and counting all the boats, yahts and jet skis  "Look boat, one, two, three.. three boats". He also very sociable and was not shy at all. That does not sound like him. He usually very shy and reserve when he meets strangers, but yesterday he was friendly with everybody. He even shook hands and talked to them.  

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My son speaks Navi

Zachary speaks really good english at his age with clear pronunciation. He is now able to create a sentence with two words like, 'Adik (Cinta) cry', 'Give mama', 'I dont want', 'I dont know', '...... up' etc. But some of his words are very hard to understand and sounds very much extra terrestial.

Some of Zachary's really funny words:

Musing Kinko (later evolved to Motosingkoler) = Motorcycle
Eskotetete = Helicopter
Dididi Bus (Then Duckly bus) = Double decker bus
Potatoes Car = Police Car
Wandindindi = Watermelon
Findindindi = Fire Engine
Zidaf = Giraffe
Aventi = Elephant
nonon = Lion
Onos = Orange
Ghin = Green
Avelu = I love you
Avelutu = I love you too
Apapa (Then Apapin, then Ipin) = Aeroplane

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