You are definitely NOT handsome

I went running with my Vietnamese neighbour, Jane Last Friday. We became quite close this last month or so as we both love running and I invited her to join my running club. She even invited me and my family for dinner at her place. She has two beautiful daughters and a super friendly husband.

We chatted casually on our way home, initially about our plan to run in the next Dubai Marathon, and then the conversation turned more and more personal. I was stunned with her blatant remarks about me. I know we are close but I did not realised that we were that close. Here are some of the excerpts of our conversations:

Jane: You know you are so lucky to have such a beautiful wife.

Me: Thank you, but she is also lucky to have handsome husband like me hehe

Jane: I don’t know what she looks at, but you are definitely not handsome. You are cute and talented. Maybe she likes you because how you care for her and how you treat and talk to a woman. I don’t know you only she knows.

Me: Do you really think that I am not good looking

Jane: No you are not. I am being frank here. If I am looking for a man based on their look, I will definitely not be attracted to you. But look is not important. My husband is not good looking, but I married him because of who he is.

Me: *Speechless*

Jane: You are lucky, your wife loves you and she gave you three kids.

I don’t know how to make out of that conversation. I took it as complement in a funny sort of way and was not hurt with her comments regarding my appearance not a bit. But it makes me realise how lucky I am to have such a beautiful wife and appreciate her more.


Anonymous said…

You're attractive.
And talkative..

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