My son speaks Navi

Zachary speaks really good english at his age with clear pronunciation. He is now able to create a sentence with two words like, 'Adik (Cinta) cry', 'Give mama', 'I dont want', 'I dont know', '...... up' etc. But some of his words are very hard to understand and sounds very much extra terrestial.

Some of Zachary's really funny words:

Musing Kinko (later evolved to Motosingkoler) = Motorcycle
Eskotetete = Helicopter
Dididi Bus (Then Duckly bus) = Double decker bus
Potatoes Car = Police Car
Wandindindi = Watermelon
Findindindi = Fire Engine
Zidaf = Giraffe
Aventi = Elephant
nonon = Lion
Onos = Orange
Ghin = Green
Avelu = I love you
Avelutu = I love you too
Apapa (Then Apapin, then Ipin) = Aeroplane

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