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Race 1 Qatar Cycling 2017/2018 Season

29 Sept 2017, Al Thakira, Qatar

It has been three years since I last joined any road race and after I sold my road bike. I really miss the fun and the adrenaline rush of a cycling road race.  So I borrowed my old road bike that I sold to a friend and joined the season opener road race in Al Thakira. I am familiar with the route since it is the same cycling route I ride with MAD Triathlon on our Friday rides.

I lead the main peloton much of the race until about 15 km to go in the 60 km race and orchestrated few breakaways to split the group. I did it because I was too scared to get dropped and felt a little bit claustrophobic riding in a tight peloton. I paid the price when I could not keep up with the lead group when the group finally split and ended up riding alone for 15 km against strong headwind to the finish.

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