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The Arrival of my 3rd child: Elias Arjuna

I would like to share a happy (or nerve wrecking) news that my wife has safely delivered our third (probably the last) child on 27 August 2012 at 10.21PM. The baby was unexpectedly born prematurely at 33 weeks (7 weeks ahead of schedule). While all effort has been taken to have him delivered normally, It cannot be done as the baby was too small (1.8kg) and did not presenting at a correct position (breech position). He was finally delivered through an emergency caesarean (this also means, that we are not allowed to have another baby for at least FIVE years). Alhamdullillah both the mother and the baby are well and the baby has shown a great progress. We named him Elias Arjuna

Day 1: Elias was placed at NICU with oxygen tube
Day 2: Elias was able to breath unassisted. Tube removed, however full oxygen was supplied in the incubator
Day 3: He was moved from Intensive care to Intermediate care section of NICU. The oxygen supply has been reduced to only 25%

We finally took him home on 8 Septe…