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Seremban Half Marathon 2012

I was still smiling ear to ear and was feeling accomplished with my result at Asics Half Marathon in Gold Coast Australia 2 weeks ago. I started to wonder whether I should still be running in this race. Well the reason I signed up for this race was to make it as 'fail safe' plan should I fail to achieve my target of breaking the sub 2 hour barrier in Gold Coast. I know I cannot possibly record a new PB in Seremban with the 3H (Heat, Hills, Humidity) and certainly not as I still nursing my knee injury from the Gold Coast race. I still feel uncomfortable and slight pain on my knees when I went out running couple of days before the race. I was contemplating of pulling out of the race with a fear of aggravating my knee injury. I cannot afford to get injured when my 100 day training for New York is due to start in a week. But in the end I succumbed and go since everything was booked and paid for.
I did not have any race plan. I just want to run a steady sub 5:27/km pace and hopefull…

Asics Half Marathon, Gold Coast 2012

I could barely sleep the night before the race. Too much anxiety. I kept visualising running the event according to my race plan and achieved my goal of completing the half marathon in sub 2 hours for the first time ever. My current PB is 2:03:27 which I did last month during training. The alarm finally went off at 4.15 am. I left the apartment at 4.45am with my mate Zuki after having a slice of peanut butter sandwich. Zuki is an avid marathoner and will be running his 9th full marathon. It was a cold morning, luckily I did not have to wait long for the race to start as I only arrived at the start village 30 minutes before the flag off. I straight away checked my bag and did some warm up runs with Zuki. I felt the urge to empty my bowel 10 minutes to flag off, and went searching for the toilet. There was a long winding line at the toilets. This is ridiculous I said, so I went looking if there is another toilets nearby, but was nowhere to be seen. I knew I should have studied the race …