Seremban Half Marathon 2012

I was still smiling ear to ear and was feeling accomplished with my result at Asics Half Marathon in Gold Coast Australia 2 weeks ago. I started to wonder whether I should still be running in this race. Well the reason I signed up for this race was to make it as 'fail safe' plan should I fail to achieve my target of breaking the sub 2 hour barrier in Gold Coast. I know I cannot possibly record a new PB in Seremban with the 3H (Heat, Hills, Humidity) and certainly not as I still nursing my knee injury from the Gold Coast race. I still feel uncomfortable and slight pain on my knees when I went out running couple of days before the race. I was contemplating of pulling out of the race with a fear of aggravating my knee injury. I cannot afford to get injured when my 100 day training for New York is due to start in a week. But in the end I succumbed and go since everything was booked and paid for.

I did not have any race plan. I just want to run a steady sub 5:27/km pace and hopefully can record another sub two hours performance. I was among the first to go into the starting corral and was surprised to see myself at the front of the starting line. I don't know if this is such a good idea. It was raining by the time the official fired the start gun. It was a nice experience running in a rain just like when I was a kid playing 'kejar-kejar'. Being at front of the line I was pushed to run way above my intended pace in the 4:30s/km. It also hard to slow down because we were running downhill the first 2 kms. That aside, I felt so great, and my knees seems fine. I knew it's going to be a hilly route but I was not expecting a series of 50m ups and downs in the next 6 km. The hills were so steep I started to feel the stinging sensation on my knees. This is not good I said. I was finished by 10 km. The pain was so unbearable and I just gave up. I don't want to further aggravate my injury a week before I commence my training programme for New York, plus I don't need to prove anything. I ran walked the remaining 11 kilometres just to get it over and done with. I finally crossed the finished line in 2:12:03.4. Not a bad result considering my injury I guess. Well I should not have run the race in the first place but I am one of those stubborn runners. I will have a week of rehab and cannot wait to kick off my 100 day journey to the race of my life.

Look at those killer elevations the 1st 10 km

Half Marathon #5

With my friend Azim. Congratulations on your PB. It was a fantastic achievement considering he was running a full marathon at Standard Chartered KL Marathon a fortnight ago. 

Race Statistics

Bib No: B0189
Nett Time: 2:12.3.4
Gross Time: 2:12:3.4
Rank All: 178/334
Rank Age Group: 90/160
Rank Malaysian: 171/324
Shoe: Nike Pegasus


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