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Not Fitting In

I am angry to myself. It erked me for not able to deliver people's expectation. I know what I can do, and I have proven it before. I really do not feel belong here in this company. Anxiety? Frustration? What ever it is, it must stop. Richard came to see me earlier asking about the progress of the Rolls Royce Rotor's paper. "Other people are handling 6-7 packages, you are only doing one small package. You too will have to do 6-7 packages when the Compression project starts. You will not be able to do it at the rate you going now. No hard feeling okay, but you must speed it up. You must ask around if you not sure and do not sit on it. I hate it when people do that." I have running out of excuses, the fact that I took over the package halfway, and the messiness of the package are no longer my alibi. The way I see it, I only have myself to blame.

Pok FC Fuseball Tourney

At 12.30 pm I received an SMS from Da'a requesting everyone to be at Zaitun's place 3.30 sharp. At 2.oopm I was still in a middle of doing my laundry and but... arghh sod it, I took a quick shower and went to Said's place for lunch. I had help him cook earlier.

I was at Zaitun's 10 minutes to 3.30 only to find Da'a and Zaitun without any signs of the others. Well its too early anyway I said to myself. 4.30 theres still no sign of the others. I was starting to get pissed off when Kent arrived looking cool as always followed by Syikin, Ikhwan, Wafi and Fariza. I just have to accept the fact that time will never be an essence for them and live with it.

The tournament finnally begun at 5.00

There were 4 teams:

Brain Freeze (Zaitun and I)
Bolos Saja Dinding Itu (Da'a and Ikhwan)
Sexual Seduction (Wafi and Fariza)
Giants (Syikin and Kent)

The preliminary round was held in a league format where each team had to play 3 games. The environment at Zaitun's (POK FC Club House…

Akaun tak balance

Dah dua hari aku dok membelek claim kontraktor ni.. untuk projek F13E Substructure ..aku ingat dah boleh la close.. final akaun ni memang leceh.. aku buat2 asik short RM8000.10... mana silapnya aku pun tak tahu... stress.. final akun ni satu sen pun kira salah.. tak balance.. pleaseeeee..

Esok group aku ada tournament Fuseball.. aku team ngan Zaitun.. nama team kitorang "Brain Freeze" pasal masa nak nama kan group tu aku tanya Zaitun dia kata tak boleh pikir, Brain Freeze.. tu yang dapat nama tu.

Semalam aku gi food tasting kat Marina Bay Seafood.. kenyang gila.. mencuba 9 course meal makan dari pukul 12.15 sampai 2.30.. buncit perut sampai hari ni. Petang swim cuma dapat buat 700m je.. ari ni aku nak buat 800m lak.

Malam tadi aku finally pasang printer yang dah duduk dalam kotak lebih setahun tu.. tapi scanner dia lak tak boleh jalan.. stress.

Dalam pada tu aku stress gak ni lom dapat tajuk untuk dissertation masters aku ni.. kawan2 lain semua siap dah submit, diorang grad bula…

Jakarta & Bandung with POK FC

I was in Bandung and Jakarta from 1-8th June 2008 with friends from POK FC. This is POK FC's first international trip. We were all very excited especially Ikhwan. The flight from KKIA touched down at Soekarno Hatta just after midnight. From there, we were escorted to Bandung by two chauffers that Syikin had booked earlier from KK. We arrived at Anggerek Golden Hotelat about 4 am. To our surprise, they dont accept credit card. We were troubled by this news, especially me, being the poorest, cash strapped member of the trip.

Im sharing a room with Wafi. We actually suits each other. According to him, I am a reader while he is a watcher (Wafi's answer to Fariza on why we dont bond). We were so buggered. We dont even care to take showers before retired. It must be sometime around dawn when I heard Wafi shouting in a language that I cant intepret. I woke up and called his name. He was talking in his sleep. I went back to bed and this time, Its my turn to be hauted by a nightmare. I …