Not Fitting In

I am angry to myself. It erked me for not able to deliver people's expectation. I know what I can do, and I have proven it before. I really do not feel belong here in this company. Anxiety? Frustration? What ever it is, it must stop. Richard came to see me earlier asking about the progress of the Rolls Royce Rotor's paper. "Other people are handling 6-7 packages, you are only doing one small package. You too will have to do 6-7 packages when the Compression project starts. You will not be able to do it at the rate you going now. No hard feeling okay, but you must speed it up. You must ask around if you not sure and do not sit on it. I hate it when people do that." I have running out of excuses, the fact that I took over the package halfway, and the messiness of the package are no longer my alibi. The way I see it, I only have myself to blame.


Anonymous said…
sharm...let me remind u incase u have forgotten... sharm who i know is a person who knows what he wants, who knows how to get them and always fight for his dreams...

my friend,
working in a multinational corporation is challengig....been there done that. u survived australia... d downfall when u were there... u definitely can do it again...not many people have d opportunity to work with multinational coorporation...take this challenge...all those sarcasm... critics... are parts and parcel of surviving in this corporate world. they screw u now... they smile at u later... n even invite u to coffee...unlike typical malaysian companies,..they screw u now... they screw u later...and the worst part is they remembered u screwed. in company like long as u perform... u get d job done... what happened in d past is history. and if u can show that u r back on track... hey... u are there. chill out!

hugs from brisbane
WanHidayat said…
Hellllllllllllooo abg......go go...aja2 fighting!!!!

Ave a great Monday!!!

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