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Doha College Night Run 2013

The famous Night Run series has finally made its way to Doha. Thanks to the good people at Doha College and Aspire, especially the tireless event director, David Thompson. So it was only natural for us Doha folks to be excited about it. Why? Because where else would we have the chance to wear shiny clothing, fluorescent sticks, torch lights or anything that emit or reflect the lights to outshine each other during an official race?

I was not particularly keen to run the race initially, as it was scheduled to start at 10PM on Thursday night and I have to wake up early at around 4 AM the next morning for my compulsory long run. I only registered for the event at the eleventh hour before the registration closed just to support our local races and as encouragement to my friends from Pelari Stylo Yo!. My plan was to have fun, soak up the festive atmosphere and run this race easy. Well at least that was the plan.

I tried to run it easy, but a race is still a race. I ran it at a comfortable p…

Paris Marathon: Tapering

I am now in a tapering period of my training with 17 days left to my biggest race yet. I will only have another 2 shortish long runs, a 21km this Friday and a 16km next week on top of 1 more tempo run and an interval session. I don't know, I think I do not have enough miles logged leading up to this race and feel that my endurance level has drop considerably. But the good things is, my knees seems to be a lot better since I changed my running style to 'Short Stride-High Cadence-Mid Foot Strike'. I did not have the same excruciating pain when I did 30km run last week. Just a little sore, but its was gone in a couple of days. And I am getting faster and stronger. So I am quietly confident that I will do well in Paris, Insha Allah.

I will try not to think about it too much and focussing on the holiday more than the race itself. For the first time my family will be there cheering me up by the road sides. My wife and all my of 3 children will be there including my good friend R…

Al-Khor Community 10 km Mini Marathon 2013

I participated in a 10km race organised by Al-Khor Community 2 weeks ago. I was not very keen to participate in this race  because I had a 30km long run a day before the event. I only submited the race form at the very last minute in support of local races and motivation to my wife and 2 other friends (Lolyta and Nani) from my newly formed running club of which i am the captain (Pelari Stylo Yo!) to run their maiden 5km race. So my plan was to treat this race as a recovery run.

Come race day, I just could not hold on to my initial plan. It was a 2 laps race, I was driven by the pace of other runners and ran the first lap fast. My first 5 km was in fact is my new Personal Best (23:41). I started to get tired by KM6 and slowed down well inside the 5km/min pace. I was so fatigued from the long run I did yesterday plus I have not had any breakfast yet (read excuses excuses). My energy level was so low that if I was an Ultraman, the indicator light on my chest would started to blink in red.…

Aspire Aquathon Series 2012/2013

Like many marathon runners, my next big target is to compete in Ironman races. So I took a little baby step towards that ambition by participating in the Aspire Aquathon 2012/2013 series. The race consists of 500 meters swim followed with a 5 km run including one transition in between.

There were 5 races in the series which took place every month started from October 2012. Unlike all my elder brothers, I was never a good swimmer. I was more a recreational swimmer and I never liked freestyle. I cannot swim 100 meter freestyle non stop before the series. I was lucky to have a swimming pool in my compound and a swim instructor. So I took seven lessons crash course on freestyle swimming prior to the series. Seriously I thought swimming was hard and I still have not master the art of swimming economy, so I ended up spent too much energy where it should be done effortlessly. 
My swimming still was not great but it enough to carry me through the 500 meters swim leg, but by the time I finished …