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Driving me MAD

I finally got my Qatari Drivers License on 9 June 2009. My reluctance and procrastination not to enrol for lessons at driving schools and taking up driving tests earlier was a blessing in disguise. As of last month, Malaysia’s driving licence holders are not required to sit for the local driving tests. It saved me a lot of money, time and not to forget frustrations as the tests were known to be a killer.

The name of the agency was Ar Rayyan Car Rental. The idiot in charge (Again from the Sub Continent) was asking far too much as if we were beggars. First he asked for my passport. I told him why does he needs my passport when I can provide him with my Qatari ID? Then he said they will retain the original passport. I jumped off my seat. What an idiot. We told him that it is against the law to hold someone’s passport. After a long argument, we settled with me providing a copy of the passport. Then he complained that my license was new, so I am not eligible to drive or rent a car. Then We…


We took a long way back to Doha via Europe. From Singapore we flew to London, stayed for two days, took a Eurostar train to Brussels from London St Pancras for a day trip before heading west to Paris onboard Thalys train and stayed for another two days and back to Doha via London. It was a trip packed with activities, but it was great. We spent a lot of time walking and soaking up the atmospheres of each city.
We could not believed that we were married. All this while we were separated from each other, so this experience was too good to be true. We never gone on a long trip together before, this honeymoon is something that we will remember forever.
We learned more about each other on this trip while enjoying the new experience as a married couple.

Grand Place - Brussels
Tour Eiffle - Paris

The Louvre - Paris

Tower Bridge - London

The Ritz - London
The Ritz - London

London Eye - London

Palace of Westminster - London
Parc du Bruxelles - Brussels

Fly Me To The Moon ... My wedding ceremonies

Oh GOD, am I really a married man? I played with the ring that loosely clings on my henna tainted finger, still in disbelief; next to me was my bride, laid face down, sleeping like a baby. We were both extremely exhausted. I just could not sleep. My head was throbbing with headache and my body was feeling rather lethargic. Having had four receptions and ceremonies in five days was tiring. Off course it was fun to get all the attention, meeting all the people you love and cared for, and the ceremonies were all beautiful and grand but having FOUR of them??? I wouldn’t hesitate to trade it with a drive-in wedding like those in Vegas. One of my close friends even said it was like I was married four times to a same woman.

We had one day off after the Majlis Nikah dan Berinai (Solemnation Ceremony) on Thursday. We spent that Friday for last minute preparation for the next three ceremonies to be taken place three days in a row. Driving the entire breadth and length of this sprawling metropoli…