Driving me MAD

I finally got my Qatari Drivers License on 9 June 2009. My reluctance and procrastination not to enrol for lessons at driving schools and taking up driving tests earlier was a blessing in disguise. As of last month, Malaysia’s driving licence holders are not required to sit for the local driving tests. It saved me a lot of money, time and not to forget frustrations as the tests were known to be a killer.   

The name of the agency was Ar Rayyan Car Rental. The idiot in charge (Again from the Sub Continent) was asking far too much as if we were beggars. First he asked for my passport. I told him why does he needs my passport when I can provide him with my Qatari ID? Then he said they will retain the original passport. I jumped off my seat. What an idiot. We told him that it is against the law to hold someone’s passport. After a long argument, we settled with me providing a copy of the passport. Then he complained that my license was new, so I am not eligible to drive or rent a car. Then We told him, “Who are you to say no when the Government of Qatar has issued me with a licence to drive?”. Then he asked, which driving school I went to for the lessons. Then I said, as a Malaysia’s Drivers license holder, I do not need to go for classes, as our license can be convertible. He was not pleased. Then he looked at my license (both Malaysia’s and Qatari’s) I said “I have been driving since 1998, the license was renewed in 2006” when I noticed he was looking at the issue date of my Malaysia’s license and it shows 2006. The idiot started making some paper work and making copies of the documents. He wanted to make a copy of my credit card, I hesitate but obliged. Then he asked for Rizal’s particulars and keyed them in the database as a guarantor. WHAT THE F@%K?? So if I came here alone, I wont be able to rent a car? I told him that this is stupid. The jerk asked Rizal to explain that the requirements were necessary. Rizal, too was puzzled with all the requirements but was sort of agreed with him. When it all settled, we asked what car was it? He said, “because you are new, we can only give you 2005 Sunny, if you are ok next we’ll give you 2007 Lancer, then we will give you a newer car like 2008 Tiida”. Can you believe that??? My blood was already boiling before he requested for a deposit of 3000 Riyals. “Normal people 2000, you new 3000”. That’s it, this is too much, We walked out the door and left luckily I managed to contact Loo (my officemate) and he suggested a place at Al-sadd.  I managed to rent a new Tiida (apparently the only one left) for 1700 Riyals with 3000 deposit with no question asked. So Tiida it is
This is where the drama started. I rented cars countless of times before, in Malaysia, Australia and many other places I travelled. The process was all too easy it can be done in a jiffy. But this place really tested my patient and making my blood ‘go upstairs’.
It was a blistering hot summer day with the mercury hovering around 50 degree Celsius. I did not want to continue our ‘go sees’, so Rizal called the rental agent that supplies rental cars to his company. He confirmed that they have cars available. This must be it, I thought. Rizal rented from them 3 years ago before he bought his Tiida. I may even be getting discounts.
Now that I am eligible to drive, its time to pick the ride. So this morning, I went to search for a car to rent with Rizal. I told him that I was not keen to rent a Tiida (Nissan Tiida is the most common rental car here). We first went to Toyota’s Showroom. I was hoping I can get a Camry, Corolla or any sedan, but nothing was available except 4WDs. Not to despair, we went on hunting for rental companies in Al Sadd. First we tried Al Maha, and again they were fully rented out. We asked the guy his opinion where to look next. He said in a thick sub continent accent ‘Go back street… too much .. too much rent car’. Like child we heeded his advice but the street was jammed and we did not see the ‘too much’ car rental companies he was telling us about.


Aled said…
alhamdulillah...tahniah. dah jadi suami sekarang..soryy ya lambat wish. ada hal sikit kat saudi ni terjadi kat aku.. tapi aku ok jgn risau k.
whitelighter said…
Aled: thanks.. uish hope ko ok la ye..

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