Triclub Doha Aquathlon 8

Nikki Beach, The Pearl Qatar
23 April 2016

My post Ironman blues was so severe after South Africa. I already did two mini races in less than two weeks, the Aspire Aquathlon and TriClub Duathlon. Now is the third. It is the 8th and second last aquathlon of the season by TriClub Doha. I just could not say no to it, plus it was a farewell race to one of our good friends at the tri club, John Denning.

Swim (1000 m)

The water has warmed up in Doha so it was a non wetsuit race. Being a leg sinker, I was struggling to keep up with the others to draft on and found myself in a no man's territory. I was being lapped by most people and was among the last exited the water (22nd of 29 starters). I completed the 1000m in 20:51 (2:05 min/100m). I was quite happy to be honest since it was my first non-wetsuit open water swim in a while.

Race Briefing
Swim Start
 Run (5 km)

The run was simply too short for me to bridge the gap. It was pointless for me to sprint all out and risk being injured or prolong my recovery. I just ran a 'comfortable' hard run and managed to overtake six in the process. I completed the 5.1km in 23:19 (4:34 min/km) to finish the race in 16th. I really need to work on my swim if I were to be more competitive in triathlon.

Smaller means more aero
With some of the most positives people I know, Maxat, Alexande and Fabrice
See you John Denning. Wish you all the best in Berlin. We will miss you.



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