Tri Club Duathlon 9

Lusail, Doha, Qatar
16 May 2016

5km Run - 20km Bike 2.5km Run

Finally I've made it into the top 10 in the Tri Club Doha Duathlon series. It was a hot and humid evening at Lusail. I knew pacing will be the key in this race in this kind of weather. I let the others sprinted the first run while I was plodding at around 4:45 min/km pace. I completed the first run in18th. I knew I could catch some of the guys on the bike so I pushed hard but still within 160-170 bpm heart rate. I was pleased with my average speed of 33.5 km/hr pace (improved from 32.7km/hr pace at Duathlon 7 in March).

Like Duathlon #7, I gave it all out in the second run, but the heat and humidity really made it hard for me to run faster. I only managed an average of  4:24 min/km pace. The pacing strategy was spot on  as I finished the race stronger while others were fading. My time for the second run was the fifth fastest. How I wish the second run was longer. Anyway I was so happy with the result as I was hoping for a top 10 finish coming into this race. I would like to thank my coach Ryan for his guidance. I can see some improvement already in just two weeks after joining the QA_TRI squad. Also congratulations to my other QA_TRI brothers, Damien and Andy for their great results as well.

Until the next race, keep believing.


Race Result


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