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Brooks Half Marathon 2012 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I was in Malaysia for a short 7 days break recently. While planning for the trip I found out that there will be a half marathon race going to take place on 11 March. The thing is, I have to attend my good friend's wedding in the afternoon. But the temptation was too strong for me to resist. I am now addicted to running thanks to Da'a and Zaiton (The bride and groom for wedding I'm attending) who made me run my first half marathon last November in Penang. so I registered for the race and believe I will be okay and well enough to also attend the wedding. I have been training remember?

I woke up at 4 am, had two slices of bread and went straight to the National Stadium. It was still dark and pretty quiet when I reached the stadium at 4.30 am. I was lucky to reach the stadium earlier, because the entrance to the car parks were congested soon after that thanks to the car park operator for collecting RM 2 parking fee. They should have told us about this fee in the race instruct…

Hujan Emas di Qatar

Lately makin ramai pula kawan-kawan rapat aku di Doha ni yang pulang ke Malaysia for good. Kadang-kadang rasa macam dah tak best pula tinggal di sini bila satu demi satu teman-teman yang rapat pergi. Baru-baru ni Rizal dan Zakiah meninggalkan Doha for good. Rasa sedih sangat, kerana Rizal adalah kawan pertama aku di Doha ni. Dia yang mengenalkan aku pada kawan-kawan Doha yang lain. Aku datang Doha ini pun setelah membaca blognya, 1001 Kisah Melayu Perantau , yang memberi inspirasi dan keinginan untuk mencuba nasib di Qatar Darul Land Cruiser ni.

Kontrak aku dengan Qatargas ni pun akan tamat bulan November ni. Tak pasti dapat sambung ke tidak, kerana aku ni 'project based'. Kalau tak dapat sambung, dan tak dapat peluang-peluang lain di Qatar ni, maknanya aku juga akan menurut jejak langkah teman-teman yang telah mengucapkan 'Maassalamah' pada negeri tumpangan kami ni.

Honestly aku suka Qatar. Isteri aku, Hani pun suka tinggal di sini. Kedua-dua (InsyaAllah yang ketiga na…

Zachary, I am sorry. Papa Jahat

We missed our flight during our last trip to Dubai. We were supposed to fly Emirates at 10.15pm but only reached Terminal 3 of Dubai Airport around 9.15, 15 minutes after the check in closed. Not only we missed the flight, we were also not allowed to change our ticket for the next flight back to Doha at 2.15am because they were non-refundable and non-changeable promotion tickets. I bought the ticket for 700 riyal return per person and the new one way ticket would cost me around 1250 riyal each. So my only viable option is 2.30am flight on FlyDubai (a low cost carrier). But the thing is I left all my cards at home and I dont have any money left as that was supposed to be a budget trip. To make it worse, my Malaysian debit card was blocked because I did not informed the bank that I will be out of the country. I was panicked and frustrated. To cut the long story short. I lost my cool and vented out on Zachary who did not stop running, screaming and being cranky all evening. He was a tota…