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Zachary's First Day At 'School'

Today was Zachary's first day at the Day Care. Hani was so sad had to be separated from him for the very first time.

While under the care of his nanny Ursula, Zach looked happy and was very inquisitive about the place. He was so preoccupied observing his new colourful and cheerful environment and did not even bother looking at us when we called him to say goodbye.

I called the Day Care at midday to check on him. I was told by the director that Zach was a happy baby but he requires a lot of attention. He cried and wants to be held all the time, otherwise he is doing fine. Luckily he does not scare of his carers. This is one of the reasons why we decided to send him to school so early, for him to be able to learn to be more independent and off course his mama could go back to work.