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T - 5 days to Dubai Marathon 2015

Done with my last interval session for Dubai Marathon 2015. Now it's time to take it easy and keeping my feet up with 5 days to go.

Ooredoo Half Marathon 2015

9 January 2015

It is a new year, and traditionally Ooredoo Marathon will be the first race on our calendar, Doha folks (well at least for the past 3 years), and as usual, I ran the half marathon as a training run for Dubai Marathon which will happen in two weeks.

This year I ran the half marathon for my employer ORYX GTL. They are really serious in promoting healthy lifestyle among their employees and we had about 40 runners running in the blue ORYX GTL's shirt. Not only they paid for our registration fees and spoilt us with a nice race pack which was better than the one from Ooredoo, they also provided training sessions led by our team captain, Derek Harding and a running talk/clinic by the former Olympian and world champion Liz Mc Colgan.

My pacer for the race was Joost Venne, who was running the full marathon. That was unusual considering he is a 1:25 type half marathon runner, but he was not planning to race it for PB. The plan was to run the half marathon at my targeted…