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2007 : Wish it will never end

I was a person who never really cares about new years.. year in.. year out are just another day. Looking back what i have been through this year, I cannot help but take a sojourn and count my blessings. 2007 was the year full of surprises, achievements, oppurtunities and happiness. It proved that, with GOD bless, you can achieve anything you want if you believe. Life is not all about luck as many believe. It is hard for me to sum up what i have been through without Looking at it retrospectively.
I did superbly well in my studies. I will not forget how mom reacted when i called her that afternoon to tell her about my last semester's result. She was not well that day. Her voice was raspy and she could barely speak. In tears she said 'Alhamdullillah, praise to the Lord, I will fast tomorrow. I pray for you everyday'. I could not hold my tears, I am not a kind of person who like to show my emotion, espescially with my family. She was sick but she still insisted to fast. Her way…

31 and still kicking

It was the eve of 6 Dec. I just got home from Dragon Seafood attending our Project's Annual Dinner. I have to leave early, got a morning flight to catch tomorrow. The karaoke session was about to start when i left. Nobody saw me sneaking out from the side exit. Well why would anybody bother, i was only a cog in a wheel. I hate to wake up in the wee hour to catch the 6am flight to KL. Chell, as always, was ever willing to take me to the airport.

I set the alarm clock at 4am in my mobile , and dive into my ever inviting bed. My dainty doona felt so good that i fell asleep almost instantly. In my sleep i heard a femiliar noise ding ding ding.. argh, it was the sound of an incoming text message. I woke up, grab my tiny mobile left accross the room (so as to prevent me from turning off the alarm and resuming my sleep). It was a birthday wish from a good friend of mine, i smiled and went back to sleep. I am a light sleeper and it is hard for me to get back into REM when woken up. 10 minu…

Tear gas, water canon and stone missiles

Prrangg..prrangg.. prrangg.. I heard the thunderous noise in my sleep.. I was then wondering.. was I dreaming? I woke up and still heard the noise.. followed by the sound of people screaming and shouting. I sat on my bed, half asleep and wondering what was going on.

It was 11 am Sunday the 25th November 2007. I ran towards the window and hastily pulled the blind. From the window of my 21st floor room at Hotel Nikko, I was knocked for six to see two police helicopters outside of my windows. As I looked the street down below I saw people in their thousands were running in many directions like a school of fish being disturbed by an oncoming boat. There were policemen well equipped with amour and hard hat and masks, complete with their cavalry. The police were shooting tear gas and water canons to the marching crowd towards the British High Commissions.

The saga finally ends at about 4pm. The usually busy Jalan Ampang and Jalan Tun Razak were strangely quiet. All the businesses were closed.…

Lost (A sequel to 'Guiding lights')

Imagine... all this while you think you live in abundance. Life has been good, to some even live like royalties. We take all that for granted. All that glitters come so easy we forget to appreciate all the little things we have.. not until the law of gratitude takes it 360 degree turn.

Happiness can come in various of ways... one can have money, status, materials and all sort of other 'hardwares' of happiness. But believe me even the money from all piggy banks around the world wont buy happiness.. not without someone you can share them with... i am talking about friends.

For so long i dont care what others think about me.. and i dont need to work hard to attract and keep my friends close. I believe im a good person and i will attract good people. God has always blessed me with good friends every where i go. I really treasure them. But i guess my magic doesnt work here, in this corner of Borneo. Living in this strange place, alone, making me nuts.

Just as i thought i still have my…

Guiding Lights

Bismillahhirrahmannirrahim.. Lord, I am lost, I have forgotten about you, about my responsibilities. Please dont turn your back on me oh Lord. I remember you said If we walk towards you, you will come to us running. I am not your worthy subject. I will only think about you whenever I am in troubles, I pray for your guiding lights, strength, wisdom. I know you will never stop listening and for that I know I will be okay, for I have you watching over me.

Pic: Sun shower at Niah

Pic: Lights at Niah

Parasite Infection

Kenapa?? Nak Muntah? Tanya pramugari yang bertugas apabila melihat aku bergegas dari tengah fuselage ke lavatory di bahagian hadapan.. Aduh loya tekak dan sakit perut aku ni dah tak tertahan lagi.. pramugari tersebut terus terusan mengetuk pintu lavatori yang sedang digunakan. Masuk kali ni dah 4 kali aku berulang ke tandas. Penerbangan 2 jam ini begitu lama aku rasakan.. Gadis cina yang yang duduk di sebelah aku itu tiba-tiba bersuara.. 'Apple juice will help'.. ' You having stomach ache?' Aku hanya mampu menganggukkan kepala sambil menekan butang untuk memanggil krew bertugas. 'One apple juice'.. pesan ku pada pramugari yg bertugas.. oh ya.. apple juise does help a bit. Aku dah diserang cirit birit sejak hari raya kedua lagi.. tapi tak lah sakit macam hari ni.. (hari ke 6). Ubat-ubat yang di beri Dr. Saripah dari Klinik Idzham, Taman Kosas itupun dah habis aku makan.. tapi sakit perut aku ni tak jugak baiknya.

Ladies and gentlemen we have landed at Miri Intern…

Miri merry

Its been quite a while since i last blogged. Well I am now back in Miri. Was busy looking for a place to rent. It occurs to me that i want to make it work. Me at Shell. I want to give it a try and put my plan to work abroad onhold. The first week, was bored, hardly know anybody and hardly know my way around town. Lucky there were Hani, Said, Dedeq and Wan. Thing gets better when i hooked up with some guys who joined Shell on the 2nd July 2007. Well at least i have friends now.. if they even consider me one of them.. yeah age barrier, they are in 22-26 range.. makes 31 sounds ancient. Thanks Ninut, Mildred, Amie, Da'a, Diyana. Well I have to set good examples for the youngsters eh...

I have many thoughts and plans but assignments and final exams are my priority now. I just realised how close i am to complete my masters. I just need to endure another 7 gruelling months.. Argh I havent thought what to write for the dessertation... how great if i can write about Life.. fiction.. anythi…

Sawadeekap you buy me coke i give you lap

Semalam petang kan, agent dari Sheffield Offshore Services (Manpower Supply Agent) yang berpengkalan kat Singapore tu call aku, masa aku dalam perjalanan nak ke Marina Cove resort Teluk Batik to attend Iftar dan sempena completion project yang aku involve kat Lumut ni. Katherine nama dia, dia cakap dia nak propose aku untuk position Prime Contract Administrator... tapi kenapa ada 'Prime' tu.. macam minister ada prime minister gitu ke? Aku sekarang Contract Administrator je.. so kalau ada pangkal 'Prime' tu kira lagi kelas le kut.. ke Senior Contract Administrator kalau kat sini. Ha client dia tu base in Bangkok... tapikan gaji yang dia offer tu kurang dari yang aku expected.. aku ni memang gatal bila antar list of vacancy kat emel aku hari2 tu.. aku main click2 apply je.. Last month aku dah tolak satu job kat Wales.. sebagai Field Supervisor gaji 10500 pound .. memang le besar gila gajinya.. tapi aku ni mana ada pengalaman jadi field supervisor.. dah la ak…

What others think about Malays

Well its lunch break, since im fasting, I tried to get some nap, but i couldn't find the switch to sleep mode in my mind. Hmm why dont i surf the net..... well on what topic?? Yess... Negaraku, i really want to know the origin of our national anthem (i am very patriotic).. So i googled it. There's a list of results on Negaraku, but my eyes were glued on Negarakuku by Namewee... hey this is the famous rendition of Negaraku by the Malaysian student in Taiwan. So i clicked on the link and the video clip was played on Youtube. Hmm I dont blame Namewee entirely for what he did.. He tried to express his opinion in the way he knows best.. through music.. but the use of Negaraku is throughly inappropriate. I dont against his opinion, but that song stirred a racial tension among visitors to the the site. Most of the comments are full of hatred. Its shows that we still have a long way to go to buid a national unity. We…

Into the unknown

In life, we always confused and not knowing what we want. I bet most of us are. I see some of my friends keep whining and complaining that GOD has not been good to them for having strings of bad lucks. Is it the GOD's fault that we suffers? Or is it because we are too blind to see what GOD has offered? I believe we are the admiral of our own voyage. We chart our own course into the unknown.

Gambar Hiasan

Imagine driving in a darkness of a night from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru, all you see is a mere 20 meters from your headlights, but 20 m after 20 m unfolds as you travel down south. You will reach Johor Bahru even in the middle of the night and you do not see anything more than 20m infron of you. WHY? Because you know what you want. When you know what you want you work for it, ie. taking PLUS Highway southbound. To achieve what you want may not be an easy feat and you do not know what in store for you. But when you believe and keep your focus on your goal, the universe will make wa…

Catatan buat Encik : Notes on my late father

Encik.. itu adalah panggilan aku dan adik beradik terhadap ayah kami. Sebagai anak yang bongsu sudah tentunya aku amat manja dengan Encik. Kini sudah 21 tahun Encik pergi. Kenapa tiba2 saja aku amat rindu pada Encik. Mungkin sudah terlalu lama aku tidak menyedekahkan al-Fatihah buatnya. Maafkan adik Encik.

Encik dan Mak berpisah semasa aku masih terlalu kecil.. ketika aku berusia 2 tahun.. tetapi dalam usia sekecil itu aku dapat mengingati segala pergolakan yang berlaku dlm keluarga kami.. bagaimana Encik dan mak selalu bergaduh dan Encik selalu pukul Mak. Bila Encik marah, Mak akan bawa Aku, Om, Tanti, Along dan Angah menyorok bawah tangga. Pergolakan rumah tangga yang ketika itu masih tidak aku mengerti membawa kepada perceraian. Aku ingat lagi sewaktu di mahkamah, hakim bertanya pada kami lima beradik nak ikut Mak ke Encik.. bila tiba giliran aku, sambil meloncat loncat atas kerusi depan hakim berkata aku nak ikut Encik.. ketika itu aku tak mengerti apa-apa, tapi apa yang aku tahu…

Tiada lagi Indah.. A story of an abandoned haven

Aku dijaga oleh datuk dan nenek seawal usiaku dua tahun. Tok Tan lah ayahku, Tok Na lah buku, disamping Makcik dan Mak lang. Mama dan Encik berpisah ketika aku masih terlalu kecil. Sejak itu aku terpisah dengan adik beradikku yang lain. Tok Tan yang tak sanggup melihat mama terpaksa menyara dan membesarkan kami berlima beradik mengambil aku bagi meringankan beban mama.

Sekolah rendahku, Sekolah Kebangsaan Paya Mas, Tangkak

Aku dijaga baik oleh Tok Tan dan Tok Na. Begitu juga Makcik dan Maklang. Soal pendidikan amat dititik beratkan walaupun kami tinggal di kampung yang ketika itu jauh dari arus kemodenan. Aku tinggal di kampung ini sehinggalah aku melanjutkan pelajaran ke UTM.
Sekolah Menengah Tun Mamat, Tangkak

Ingat lagi, aku ada mempunyai seekor beruk yang diberi nama Tunggal. Aku tak punya barang permainan seperti kanak-kanak lain. Satu hari, Tok Tan membawa seekor anak beruk yang begitu comel sebagai hadiah dan teman buatku. Kami menamakannya Tunggal. Ketika kecil Tunggal dipakaikan…

My first blog

Hi all, i tried putting up my stories for the world to see in myspace. I had some loyal readers but i eventually fed up of posting when one of my entry caused controversy, and i ended up loosing one close friend (i thought he was my close friend). The problem of blogging is just like SMS or letter or even movies, your audience might have a totally different idea of what you trying to portray. But hey when i think about it again, why do i have to stop for the very insignificant one person. So wait for my future postings. Selamat Berpuasa...