Miri merry

Its been quite a while since i last blogged. Well I am now back in Miri. Was busy looking for a place to rent. It occurs to me that i want to make it work. Me at Shell. I want to give it a try and put my plan to work abroad onhold. The first week, was bored, hardly know anybody and hardly know my way around town. Lucky there were Hani, Said, Dedeq and Wan. Thing gets better when i hooked up with some guys who joined Shell on the 2nd July 2007. Well at least i have friends now.. if they even consider me one of them.. yeah age barrier, they are in 22-26 range.. makes 31 sounds ancient. Thanks Ninut, Mildred, Amie, Da'a, Diyana. Well I have to set good examples for the youngsters eh...

I have many thoughts and plans but assignments and final exams are my priority now. I just realised how close i am to complete my masters. I just need to endure another 7 gruelling months.. Argh I havent thought what to write for the dessertation... how great if i can write about Life.. fiction.. anything artistic rather than contractual and legal stuff.

To be continued..


~wan hidayat~ said…
Bro..age is just a number...wut we expect to those at 30 and above???
experiences to be shared, at least...you have portrayed the initial of becoming 'sumone'...

Joo Yoo-rin keeps repeating 'this' everytime she wanted to motivates herself..Aja...aja fighting!!! and ~bbasya!!!

I'm hoping u will love Miri bro...give sumtimes to Miri to prove that all this while...Miri waits for You!!!
A Z R A said…
age is just a number, it'll make you a wee bit wiser every year, so enjoy!!!, have fun in Miri, in the mean time...Selamat Hari Raya!:D
عيديد said…
Terima kasih kerana menggunakan penerbangan malaysia. Kami juga ingin mengucapkan selamat datang kepada semua ahli Enrich. Hidangan ringan akan disajikan sebentar lagi. hehehe

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