Guiding Lights

Bismillahhirrahmannirrahim.. Lord, I am lost, I have forgotten about you, about my responsibilities. Please dont turn your back on me oh Lord. I remember you said If we walk towards you, you will come to us running. I am not your worthy subject. I will only think about you whenever I am in troubles, I pray for your guiding lights, strength, wisdom. I know you will never stop listening and for that I know I will be okay, for I have you watching over me.

Pic: Sun shower at Niah

Pic: Lights at Niah


~wan hidayat~ said…
Salam bro...itu lah kita, terkadang dalam ujian yang bersifat kepayahan maka baru itu kita ingat akanNYA...dalam ujian yg bersifat kesenangan, tak tersinggah di akal tentangNYA...Ya Allah, berikanlah kami taufik dan hidayahMU...~Amin~
whitelighter said…
Thanks wan.. you're sweet
Harteeny said…
You kat Miri, kerja katner?

* sorrylah takde kena mengena dgn ur post, just curious. :)

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