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Ironman Malaysia 2017

Ironman Malaysia 2017 Race Report
By Mohd Syafei Bin Ahmad

Intro It took me almost two weeks to finally sit and write this race report. I still feel the highs from the race and can’t move on from all the excitement I had in Langkawi two weeks ago. Ironman Malaysia is like an unofficial national championship for Malaysian triathletes. Almost everyone I know from the local Tri community descended on the island to battle it out for the bragging rights to finish an Ironman or finishing among the top Malaysian finishers on home soil. I would say everyone must be proud to earn their Ironman title in Langkawi. It is among the toughest Iron distance courses in the world for crying out loud. I personally took this race very seriously. My goals were to PB, complete the race in less than 12 hours and finish among the top 20 Malaysian. Going into this race I secretly marked few Malaysian triathletes I know, rename them as the world’s top athletes and pretended that we are racing in Kailua-Kona. Off …

Top Malaysian Finishers at Ironman Malaysia 2017

Last week, almost everyone in Malaysia's triathlon community converged in Langkawi to battle it out for the coveted bragging rights of becoming among the best Malaysian finishers. Mohd Amran, the top Malaysian finisher in 2016 was not competing this year following a bike accident few months ago and it then a straight forward battle between Rupert Chen and Shahrom Abdullah who made a come back after a long hiatus. Few notable triathletes were also missing in the top 20 this year. Many people suffered on the run after clocking faster time on the bike. Maybe because it was 'cooler' this year and most people took the risk to ride harder. Overall it was still a good race. Well done everyone and see you again in 2018.

IRONMAN MALAYSIA 2017 (TOP MALAYSIAN MALE)RANKNAMEAGTIME1Shahrom bdullahM35-3910:19:522Rupert ChenM35-3910:24:283Mohamad Allie Helmy SabtuM35-3910:59:374Affendy IskandarM35-3911:43:425Khor Ngee LeongM55-5911:44:386Lim Chee YongM18-2411:45:257Yatim Zainal Abidin…