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MOM #1 (My Own Marathon #1) Doha, 28 June 2013

28 June 2013 
First I was supposed to run the Standard Chartered KL Marathon this weekend, had I stayed with my old job and having my long summer holidays in Malaysia. But since I just started a new job and still in probation, I should just forget about it. I decided to register in a small marathon in Forges Les Eaux, France with Stephanie as a substitute just two weeks ago, and confident that my employer will not have any problem to let me go for 2 days on unpaid leave. But I was wrong. They have no leniency towards the policy and my leave application remain pending until last Thursday. I was supposed to fly to Paris that evening. Earlier in the week, I started talking with few friends about the possibility of running my own marathon if I am unable to go to France. I first talked to Lily, one of my running buddies. She knew about my situation. The funny thing was, she said Yes even before I could finish my sentence. Then I invited few others. In the end I had My self, Lily, Hozumi and…

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013 POSTPONED

Oh my GOD, this news just in today. SCKLM will be postponed to 29 September due to the haze in Malaysia. Is this really meant to be? I cannot believe it. I could very well go back to Malaysia and participate in the race at the end of September. I have another issue though. I will be running in the Melbourne Marathon on 13 October, just 2 weeks after SCKLM. A to make it worse, I have New York Marathon on 3rd November. I don't know if it is a good idea, but I could take SCKLM as a really long LSD, go all out in Melbourne and just enjoying the New York Marathon. 

Khalifa Stadium 'Fun?' Run

Last Thursday (20 June 2013), Hani and I participated in Khalifa Stadium 'Fun' Run. The race was not really fit with my training plan as I am already in the tapering stage of my next marathon (supposedly in less than 10 days, I will blog about it later). But since it is the last race of the season here in Doha, I guess I could just go, run it easy and have fun.

Well a race is still a race no matter what. I purposely started from the very back of the crowd but already found myself at the front of the chasing pack after a lap around the stadium track before we heads out of the stadium. The race course was nothing like I ever done before. From the track we ran on the perimeter of the stadium, then climbed two sets of 5 storeys stairs before running down a steep spiral ramp, then along the corridors and up and down the big ramps and repeat the same thing twice. I told myself to take this race easy, but being a competitive person, I simply have to give my best.

What supposed to be a …

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013: Just a wishful thinking

I was supposed to run at Standard Chartered KL Marathon at the end of this month. I was so excited to race in my home country. I never ran a full marathon in Malaysia before. It would be nice to see all the familiar faces of Malaysia's running fraternity in our marquee event, and I have set a lofty target to be in the top 100 finisher. For that I have trained hard during this hot Doha Summer.

All that hope to run the streets of turned out to just a wishful thinking. My planned leave was denied because I am still in a probation period. I just changed a new job last month and it is impossible for me to ask for a long leave anyway. I dont want all that hours of training go to waste just like that so I am planning to race in a marathon somewhere near on the same weekend. We'll see. I still have to sort an unfinished business from Paris Marathon last April.