Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013: Just a wishful thinking

I was supposed to run at Standard Chartered KL Marathon at the end of this month. I was so excited to race in my home country. I never ran a full marathon in Malaysia before. It would be nice to see all the familiar faces of Malaysia's running fraternity in our marquee event, and I have set a lofty target to be in the top 100 finisher. For that I have trained hard during this hot Doha Summer.

All that hope to run the streets of turned out to just a wishful thinking. My planned leave was denied because I am still in a probation period. I just changed a new job last month and it is impossible for me to ask for a long leave anyway. I dont want all that hours of training go to waste just like that so I am planning to race in a marathon somewhere near on the same weekend. We'll see. I still have to sort an unfinished business from Paris Marathon last April. 


KAM said…
Adoyai..xper bro..nxt year punya Standard Chartered insyaAllah ada lagi..hehe. All the best though..
Kam, sedih bro.. berkobar2 ni nak join SCKLM..

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